SyteLine ERP Resource Model / Production Schedule Overview

By separately planning for labor, machines, and tools, SyteLine's planning engine is able to create a very accurate production schedule. It is SyteLine's Resource Model that enables this.

From selling and sourcing to production and fulfillment, Infor SyteLine provides clear visibility across your organization, helping you automate and manage key business processes. Be confident that you've got the solution you need to get the job done—and that you're getting it all from an experienced support team.

Developed by experts in the manufacturing industry, Infor SyteLine has more than 25 years of experience built in. Taking advantage of smart functionality that addresses the key challenges facing manufacturers today, Infor SyteLine requires less customization, shorter implementation time, and fewer IT resources to maintain. You'll see a fast return on your investment and lower total cost of ownership over the long term.



Infor SyteLine delivers a complete package, with advanced capabilities and tools to help you better manage:

‌•Sales and customer relationships
‌•Supply chain
‌•Service management

With Infor SyteLine's extensible framework, you're able to adapt it to your business, rather than forcing your business to fit a rigid set of processes and procedures. Adapt Infor SyteLine to new business requirements without incurring the high cost and delays involved in modifying or writing new code. With Infor SyteLine, you gain a powerful, easy-to-use solution that works the way you do.