SyteLine Manufaturing ERP System Audits

Godlan's consultants are skilled at assessing a company's business needs and determining how effectively SyteLine Manufacturing ERP software is being used to address those needs. The objective of any Manufacturing ERP system implementation should not be just to get the software installed and running but to use it in ways that supports a company's desired objectives and drives the required business results.

Godlan can conduct an onsite audit of a company's use (or forecasted use) of SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software, speaking with executives, managers, and end users and assessing the delta between expectations and reality. Following the onsite audit, the Godlan consultant prepares a formal report of findings, identifying ways in which the Manufacturing ERP system could be better optimized in the current company practices and processes. For existing customers, vital functionality that SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software and its extended solutions offer but are currently not being used are also evaluated.

The intent of the audit is to:

  • lower the company's total cost of ownership of SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software
  • maximize the company's return on its investment in SyteLine