Infor Service Management (ISM)

Infor Service Management is the next generation of service management applications. Through this updated release, third-party financial, manufacturing,and distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications that require advanced service functionality can use Infor ION technology to provide service performance management. This, in turn, helps organizations drive revenue and more proactively provide aftermarket services. In addition, Infor ION technology helps improve workflow management between software applications and the activities of employers, customers and suppliers, ensuring more consistency across the business with real-time data.

Infor Service Management is a powerful tool that allows us to integrate our data and processes into one seamless operation. We’ve increased our productivity 100%.”
-Raymond Klouda, President, Elite Electronic Engineering Inc.

The power of Service Management

Infor Service Management is the deepest, most industry specific service management solution on the market today. It helps service-centered industries deliver better equipment service, resolve problems faster, and manage the entire service process more efficiently.

Infor Service Management (ISM) Demo Video  View the 14 minute demo walk-through video of the software here.

The Infor Service Management advantage

Infor Service Management customers gain speed, breadth, and quality of service, as well as the ability to:

  • Resist attacks by competitors by developing a highly responsive, information-driven service organization that leads to trusting, long term customer relationships.
  • Fine-tune information systems on the fly to solve day-to-day business challenges quickly and efficiently.
  • Rapidly adjust schedules as new orders arrive, to deliver services on time, without interruption.

Infor Service Management helps you with:

  • Work orders—Track and manage work orders for faster completion and more accurate billing.
  • Scheduling and dispatch—Gain visibility into each technician's schedule and qualifications to increase resolution speed and minimize non-essential trips.
  • Service history—Gain access to complete historical data
  • Analytics—Easily analyze data down to the detail level.
  • Service contracts—Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency.


Infor Service Management Call Center & Knowledge Base Fixed, T&M, and AIA Billing Options Material Requirements Planning Serial and Lot Specific Costing Vendor Exchange Management Vendor Return Fee Processing Manufacturer Warranty Processing Preventative Maintenance Graphical Dispatch Board Service Level Agreements Inspection Tasks & Reporting Materials Planning / DRP Rental Inventory and Rental Counter KPIs & Ad Hoc Reporting Credit Card Payment Collection Amortization Control Fixed & Current Assets, Full Financials


Infor Service Management provides highly focused capabilities that help companies compete effectively in selected industries, including: 

General manufacturing
Easily analyze data down to the detail level, thanks to integrated real-time data, total
visibility, and accurate tracking. Flexible reporting aids in decision making and planning,
and provides engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs.

Schedule preventive maintenance for income generating assets to prevent unexpected downtimes,
extend the lifecycle of equipment, and maximize warranty cost savings.

Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency. Visibility into contract
details, unit, and service history improves decision making and creates opportunities to up
sell or extend service agreements.

Hospitality and facilities
Track and manage work orders for faster completion of service requests, more accurate billing,
and greater customer satisfaction.

Contract service organizations
Efficiently track the specifics of every customer's ongoing requirements so that you always deliver
top-quality service profitably. Ensure that you're currently satisfying service level agreements
and can continue to do so in the future.

"The only way you can deliver exceptional after-sales service and continuous customer care is by
knowing your customers' equipment better than they do. And a fully connected, intelligent technology
system is paramount in making the most of service opportunities." said Matt Baginski, Vice President,
Equipment, Infor.


ISM Infor Service Management Overview Brochure Download > Download the PDF Overview Brochure Here

Customer Success with Infor Service Management

“The best customer service is that which is closest to the customer, and Infor Service Management allows us to provide that service in the most economical method.” -Richard Grau, Director, Field Service, Neuronetics, Inc.

“Infor Service Management is a powerful tool that allows us to integrate our data and processes into one seamless operation. We’ve increased our productivity 100%.” -Raymond Klouda, President, Elite Electronic Engineering Inc.

“The flexibility of the toolset to personalize the application to custom fit Cale America’s business needs is very powerful.” -Robert Fuller, Cale America

“This software is a powerful tool that allows us to integrate our data and processes into one seamless operation. We have increased our productivity 100 percent” – Raymond J. Klouda, President, Elite Electronic Engineering

“Infor Service Management has streamlined our operations and given Management visibility to information that has not been available to us in 24 years of business.”  -Lisa Flanagan, Chief Financial Officer, Sentry Control Systems

ERP Manufacturing Software

Calculate ROI on Service Management Software

+ Enable customer service personnel to answer questions quickly, screen service requests and route requests appropriately

+ Speed resolution and improve first-time-fix rates by ensuring the technician with the appropriate skill-set is dispatched, based on priority and proximity, with the necessary tools, parts and information to resolve the issue

+ Comply with Service Level Agreements (SLA), manage warranties, document resolutions, unit and configuration changes, update inventories and track use of resources to a common database

+ Thorough tracking of expenses incurred in completion of service and maintenance for timely and accurate billing

+ Strategic analysis of profitability of accounts and service for workforce optimization, and identifying growth opportunities and effective  forecasting
+ Easily analyze profitability of equipment by model, item, and serial number; comparing rental revenue collected in comparison to original plus maintenance and repair costs

+ Improve rental inventory visibility having access to equipment status at all times; whether out on rent, on reservation, available for rent, or off-line being serviced

+ Boost revenue by empowering sale personnel and rental clerks with relevant up-sell items

+ Streamline contract rental agreement creation leveraging highly configurable rental rates and billing terms
+ Prepare for seasonal spikes through standard tools that monitor equipment rental trends

+ Utilize book value and a simple disposition process to facilitate the sale of used equipment

Service Management Software Budgeting

Download PDF - How to Calculate the Budget Requirements and Estimate ROI on Manufacturing Service Software >

Rental Management Features:

✓ Easy Contract Creation ✓ Multiples of the same item on One Contract
✓ Quick and Robust Search Functions ✓ Waivers and Surcharges
✓ Contract Quoting and Template  Support ✓ Serialized and Meter Usage Tracking
✓ Soft Reservation Capability ✓ Scheduled PMs for Long Term Rentals
✓ Partial Return Tracking ✓ Rental Inventory Management
✓ Contract Cloning ✓ Rental Asset Depreciation
✓ Item and Quantity Availability Checks & Warning ✓ Up-sell / Quick Sales Order Creation
✓ Highly Configurable Rental Rates ✓ Cost Tracking of Rental Return Cleaning & Repairs
✓ Credit Card or On Account Payment Options ✓ Built-in Reporting and KPIs
✓ Periodic / Recurring Billing (Multiple Frequencies)