Why Work With Godlan?

Godlan is the choice partner for Selection Consultants, Accounting Firms, and Independent Consulting Firms who are involved in business software evaluations and process improvement engagements in the discrete manufacturing space. For over 30 years, Godlan has successfully implemented effective ERP solutions in the manufacturing marketplace. As a trusted partner, you can count on Godlan in your consulting engagements.

We have:

ERP Selection Consultants | Accounting & Independent Consulting Firms | Manufacturing

  • Deep industry solution and implementation domain knowledge
  • Scores of quality reference customers in the Discrete Manufacturing space
  • Unparalleled thought leadership in the manufacturing industry & supporting technologies
  • Stability as a partner (30+ years in business, 20+ years w/ Infor, employee longevity, financial strength)
  • Geographic coverage (our consultants and resources are strategically located throughout the territory)
  • reduce inventory levels and shortages
  • deliver critical information quickly to make better decisions

We know that it's all about the client. Their success = your success (and ours). Your consulting engagements will run more smoothly from the onset  as Godlan helps define the business requirements, quantifies what is needed, determine ROI for stakeholders, and demonstrates reduced risk with the proposed engagement.

“We use the best ERP product in the industry, and our customers are receiving first-rate service. We are a leader in food safety so investing in technology that helps with this initiative is a necessary step. Godlan has been an important partner with us on this initiative.” — Colleen Coyle, Marketing Manager, creative werks

Download the PDF Overview Brochure to the Godlan Value Assessment program and learn more about one of the many valuable services we provide.

What We Do . . .  To Help With Your Consulting Engagement

As a selection consultant that serves clients with professionalism & integrity, you have many choices to make regarding software providers and partners to involve in the selection process.  We would like to provide insight into the experience you will have with Godlan as a partner organization and Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP as a software option. At Godlan, we value working with selection consultants, as it enables us to work efficiently with clients and enables a properly orchestrated presentation and evaluation of the complete solution.

What to expect from Godlan:

  • Pre-Engage with selection consultants
    • Educate on what we provide so you can align us with the right clients
    • Meet and know our team - sales, pre-sales, services  
    • Research our credentials, interview our references
  • Prompt and detailed responses to RFI and RFP requests
    • Can work with you to fine tune the content to best match the client’s needs
  • Provide value engineering processes to align the solution to business pains and requirements
  • Provide collaboratively developed financial benefit models that are superior to simple ROI tools
  • Provide precision executed demos
    • Can follow defined scripts as provided by the solutions consultants or develop script based on our value engineering assessment
  • Provide to you: marketing collateral, feature function documents and other support materials
  • Involve our implementation teams early in the process
    • Insure 100% alignment with client’s requirements and the demo content
    • Further insures on time and on-budget final implementations
    • Results in satisfied customers
  • Godlan enables clients to have the right solution implemented on-time and on budget - Success for all parties involved

What's In It For You?

In addition to the many benefits already outlined on this list, here are a few more reasons to involve Godlan in all of your Discrete Manufacturing Consulting Engagements:

  • Exclusive access to help provide your customers with a complete view of the options in the market
  • Exclusive invitations to Thought Leadership events, led by Senior Executives
  • Additional opportunities to grow your business
  • Properly delivered demonstrations of beautiful business applications with last mile functionality built in for faster, lower cost, lower risk implementations

“Upgrading a software system can be intimidating, but Godlan has far exceeded our expectations in helping us with the implementation and ensuring a trouble-free transition. They are willing to share, teach, and train – wonderful service!” — Sandy Gorcyca, IT Manager, H & H Tube

The Godlan Difference

  • Product focus
  • Gold Channel Partner – tightly aligned to Infor
  • Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP expertise and product capability
  • Demo to specific client requirements with personalization
  • Industry Focus
  • 100% manufacturing – Industrial Equipment, Fabrication, Automotive & OEM, High Tech & Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Specialty Vehicle, Furniture & Fixtures, Medical Device, Boat & Shipbuilding

About Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP Manufacturing Software

Ultimately, CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is a manufacturing ERP system that helps manufacturers improve the bottom line by adapting business processes to market requirements. CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) covers specific manufacturing functions for companies that run in either a centralized or decentralized model. Most important perhaps is they can benefit from the dynamic ability to adjust the solution to their exacting business needs without heavy IT staff and cumbersome development projects. 

SyteLine is built around the Microsoft .NET and SQL operating fabric - that is common to most mid-sized manufacturing companies. The ability to support multi-site and global implementations while still keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) low is a powerful proposition in any selection cycle.

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP features a beautiful, user-friendly interface (UI) to keep employees engaged in the office, on the shop floor, or on the go. The consumer-inspired user experience features role-based dashboards powered by embedded analytics and business collaboration framework available via traditional browser or mobile device.


SyteLine itself is a complete ERP solution and can be extended beyond traditional ERP functions such as Plant Maintenance, Product Engineering and Advance Customer Management via the use of ION - Infor’s technology network. ION permits Infor and Godlan to be the single solution provider to reduce complexity and increase accountability.

With over 25 years of continuous, uninterrupted development (a feat few software companies can achieve) SyteLine has become Infor’s leading ERP. SyteLine’s core architecture and development environment has also become Infor’s core development platform for developing new applications beyond ERP.

This continuous development  has culminated in a solution that moves companies from using ERP as a system of record to a system of engagement – enabling them to operate more efficiently and with more control and response-ability than ever before. With the new workforces coming of age, they expect systems to work the way they think and SyteLine definitely fits that requirement.

With CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP you have:
  • Flexibility to modify and tailor the solution
  • Scalability to grow as the organization’s needs grow and change
  • Core functionality that meets the most demanding manufacturing requirements
  • Embedded (not bolted-on) functions and features - to operate with high reliability and efficiency

View the CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP Manufacturing Software Demo Here

for a closer look, or call us at 586.464.4400 to speak with a solution specialist.

ERP Manufacturing Software

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Manufacturing ERP enables you to:

  • Make better & faster decisions
  • Have faster time-to-value, rapidly change w/ your business
  • Control costs and increase agility
  • Deliver accurate quotes, fast
  • Shorten time-to-market & reduce operating costs
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Better plan and utilize capacity
  • Minimize returns and rework
  • Measure performance against goals
  • Maintain peak user-ship - beautiful user experiences
  • Enhance collaboration, mobile and portal access

Are you considering Infor CloudSuite ERP for your manufacturing software evaluation/selection engagement?

Read Godlan's Implementation Promise to see why Godlan is the preferred Manufacturing ERP software system vendor for manufacturers.