Prophecy IoT - Actionable • IntelligentProphecy IoT by Godlan - Actionable • Intelligent

The secrets of manufacturing are being told continuously by your plant floor machines. Godlan's Prophecy IoT unlocks the secret code they speak and lets you access deeper information and analysis of manufacturing operation.

In manufacturing and factory floor environments, IoT (Internet of Things) may also be referred to as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). For IoT to work properly in manufacturing and on the shop floor, the supplier of the tools and systems needs to have a deep understanding of how manufacturing works. IoT in this environment goes much deeper than having a refrigerator connected to the internet. Manufacturing production equipment can provide huge amounts of real-time data and a multitude of varying data points. If this data tracked and analyzed appropriately, predictive events and alerts can be delivered real-time to individuals or groups within the organization who can take action. Additionally, data points can be used to automate transactions or events in the ERP software system.

  • Gain Efficiency, Increase Profits
  • Reduce Risk, Operating Costs & Downtime
  • Make Better Use of Resources

Godlan's Prophecy IoT lets you collect relevant and contextual manufacturing and operations data without having your people use their expensive time to do it. Vast amounts of important machine and operational data are collected every second, minute, hourly or daily. Machine data needs to be converted and put into manufacturing item and process context to become useful information. Prophecy IoT receives data and through the melding with manufacturing ERP data and the use of statistical analytics, presents meaningful information that can be used to make fast and accurate decisions – in real time. To be more valuable, Information now must be presented in easy to understand charts, graphs and real time anywhere alerting.  Prophecy IoT provides interactive systems that your people will use and will need no training as the information is easy and intuitive to manufacturing staff and executives alike – speaking their language and providing efficiency in knowing the pulse of the operation.

Prophecy IoT by Godlan - Actionable • Intelligent Open Industrial Automation Software

Your Machines Are Talking – Are You Listening?

You have invested in automation to improve manufacturing and these machines speak their own IoT language of manufacturing.  Start listening to them and they will tell you exactly how production is running and what is going on in production. Contact us today for more information.

Ready to look at vendors in the space?

Don't take another step until you have read this informative whitepaper with advice on how to select a vendor, and the benefits of using a "proof of concept" approach vs a demo only:

Whitepaper: Choosing the Right IoT/IIoT Provider Using Proof of Concept Processes

ERP Manufacturing Software

Visualization of Data That is in Context to Manufacturing

Prophecy IoT:

  • provides critical production floor alerts
  • makes data-based predictions
  • makes levels of data collection unattainable by humans possible
  • accurately feeds data into your ERP in real time
  • converts IoT data into actionable, often predictive knowledge
  • provides transaction automation in ERP Software

Visualization of data that is in context to manufacturing

is critical to knowing where you are at in manufacturing. The problem is - in the past it's been expensive to collect and present that data. With Prophecy IoT, you can attach to production machines and capture the data they generate in a cost effective method with near perfect accuracy. Contact Godlan right away to explore further or call 586-464-4400!