January 2009 Newsletter

Tame your Quality System's processes and paper flow

SyteLine solution spotlight: QCS (Quality Control Solutions) - QCS provides the functionality to integrate your entire Quality Control production process within SyteLine. Production quality checks, vendor returns (MRR), and internal/external Corrective Action processes that are usually done via offline spread sheets, word processor documents, databases and mountains of paper binders can now be done within SyteLine. With QCS there is no more wondering if a quality check was performed, a vendor issue was addressed, or what status an internal/external Corrective Action is at. All quality related processes and documentation are now visible and searchable with complete traceability. In addition, all the collected data is available for analysis. With QCS you will know which operation, item, customer, etc., is causing the most defects within the system. This powerful tool will validate the Lean Manufacturing, Poka Yoke, Best Practices, Six Sigma, etc., initiatives you have strategically put into place. QCS is the support tool for ISO/QS/TS Quality Systems. No more tracking down paper forms, Excel / Word documents, clipboards and binders, because all of the information is now accessible from within the SyteLine system.

For an organization looking to analyze, and most importantly control its quality related inputs, outputs, statuses, and ratings, QCS is a must. for your personalized QCS demonstration.

SyteLine - Stay ahead of your competition

Executive Challenges - As a leader in a fast paced organization, it is imperative to provide your people with the best resources possible, to complete their tasks in a safe and efficient manner. SyteLine ERP is one such investment. When used effectively, SyteLine creates a smooth flowing and integrated environment that lets you focus on winning opportunities, not simply running the race.

Do you trust the answers SyteLine provides or do you often find yourself second guessing? Can your company benefit from powerful capabilities within SyteLine which are not being utilized today? Are SyteLine's processes in line with your company's processes and paperwork flow? Godlan offers a proven assessment tool which documents your current use of SyteLine, the level of integration between SyteLine and your company processes, and highlights areas for improvement. You can then use these findings to develop a plan for maximizing the use of your SyteLine investment and winning the race over your competition. to schedule your SyteLine and business processes review.

Show me the money!

Hidden Opportunities - Did you know that state governments often have business technology and training grants and loans available? They also have tax abatement programs that are never taken advantage of. Below are internet links to various state government, business and economic development section websites. Check them out for valuable opportunities and assistance to upgrade SyteLine (technology), receive SyteLine user training (workforce training), and research tax advantages.


Personal Reflections - This month's Executive Challenge comes from an anecdote I read in the book "Flight of the Buffalo: Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead". The story is about a company president who noticed a maintenance person raking the leaves on the company's lawn. The rake had only 3 tines, making for very slow progress. The enraged president walked out to the man raking the leaves and asked why he was using a rake with only 3 tines? The man replied, "This is the one they gave me". During my 16 years in manufacturing I never forgot this lesson. The company president never did either. Thereafter, he always made sure his employees had the best equipment and resources he could afford, and made sure those resources and equipment were maximized to their fullest extent.