Godlan Offers SyteLine (Infor10 ERP Business) And Salesforce Integration With Inforce Anywhere

Clinton Township, MI - Sep 21, 2012 - Godlan, Inc., an Infor Gold Channel Partner representing the Midwest and the Southeast, announced today that SyteLine (Infor10 ERP Business) is now available as an integrated CRM solution with Salesforce - the enterprise cloud computing company. Customers use Infor ION Suite technology and Inforce Everywhere to connect with Salesforce, providing a 360 degree view of client information across the enterprise.

Information shared between SyteLine (Infor10 ERP Business) and Salesforce CRM is vital to obtaining a complete view of the relationship between organizations and their customers. Inforce Everywhere enables users to create and maintain contacts in Salesforce or Infor back-office applications and they will remain synchronized between both solutions. In addition, customer transactions, including quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, payments, and returns managed in the back office are imported and revealed by Inforce Everywhere. When these transactions are created or changed, they are automatically updated in Salesforce.

Inforce Everywhere brings together ERP and CRM to create a more responsive and effective enterprise. "Infor ION technology delivers standardized ERP/CRM integration, taking the risk, cost, and customization out of integrating SyteLine (Infor10 ERP Business) software with Salesforce," said Ron Clontz, vice president of sales and marketing at Godlan. "Inforce Everywhere allows front- and back-office ERP users to collaborate more effectively to quickly address business opportunities and achieve maximum success," said Clontz.

Godlan was awarded North America SyteLine ERP Partner of the Year in 2011 and is an approved Infor Gold Channel Partner serving customers for twenty-seven years. For more information, visit www.godlan.com or call 586-464-4400.

About Godlan, Inc.

Godlan is a leading manufacturing performance specialist that has been implementing integrated technology solutions since 1984. As an approved Infor channel partner with a focus on Infor ERP SyteLine software, Godlan supports the implementation of world-class processes and best practices throughout discrete manufacturing organizations.

Every day, more than 5,000 SyteLine ERP customers login to their respective systems to effectively manage their business operations from customer service and manufacturing to HR and accounting. For more information about Godlan, its mobile application InSync Anywhere, or SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, call +1 (586) 464-4400 or visit www.godlan.com.