Godlan Launches New Mobile Web Application At SyteLine User Network (SUN) Conference

InSync Anywhere® mobile sales application is built on a cloud-based platform for Infor SyteLine ERP software users wanting mobility as well as software as a service (SaaS) functionality.

May 5, 2010 (Nashville, TN) - Godlan announced today it will exhibit at the SyteLine User Network (SUN) conference and launch its new InSync Anywhere mobile sales application, a solution for Infor SyteLine ERP users wanting a mobile cloud-based application for remote workforces. The new mobile technology and advancements will be visible at the SyteLine User Network (SUN) conference in Nashville, TN from May 5-7 during two roundtable sessions and as part of the vendor fair.

InSync Anywhere mobile sales application utilizes the emerging cloud technology (SaaS) and delivers critical customer information to any device -- anytime and anywhere -- to ensure 24/7 SyteLine ERP continuity between sales, customer service operations, and customers. The InSync Anywhere mobile sales solution may be deployed to various mobile devices including Blackberry, Droid, iPad, iPhone, Palm, and Windows Mobile. Base-product functionality of InSync Anywhere includes mobile queries, data entry, and real-time measurement of key performance indicators.

"It is our belief that Mobile Sales for SyteLine ERP enables companies to increase revenue and customer retention rates by delivering time-sensitive and content-rich information to the mobile device," said Bob Hervieux, director of mobile applications at Godlan. "Our mobile ERP software solution is developed on the most recent open-architecture platform to guarantee the best mobile experience for the end user," added Hervieux.

InSync Anywhere is a web-based mobile application developed by Godlan that gives Infor ERP SyteLine software users remote access to critical data 24/7. With the InSync Anywhere mobile sales application, customers can:

  • provide management with immediate access to business information and metrics
  • quicken decision-making processes
  • improve responsiveness of customer service
  • increase data accuracy through automated data collection
  • increase worker productivity
  • build a greater return on investment with their Infor SyteLine ERP software

Godlan is an approved Infor Gold Channel Partner and has been serving Infor SyteLine ERP customers for more than fifteen years. The InSync Anywhere mobile application was developed by Godlan in 2005, and its customers are located across the United States. For more information, visit www.insyncanywhere.com or call (586) 464-4400.

About Godlan

Godlan is a leading manufacturing services company that has been implementing integrated technology solutions since 1984. As an approved Infor Gold Channel Partner with a focus on Infor SyteLine ERP software, Godlan supports the implementation of world-class processes and best practices throughout discrete manufacturing organizations. For more information about Godlan, its mobile application InSync Anywhere, or Infor SyteLine ERP software, call +1 (586) 464-4400 or visit www.godlan.com.