Godlan Helps Ramsey Products Corporation Excel With SyteLine ERP Software

Greenville, SC - June 28, 2011 - Godlan, Inc. , an Infor SyteLine ERP Gold Channel Partner, announced today that a SyteLine ERP manufacturing software implementation completed a decade ago for Ramsey Products Corporation continues to excel and reap benefits. Ramsey Products Corporation manufactures and supports the world's widest range of standard and custom designed silent chains and sprockets for industrial applications, including conveyor systems and power generation.

As a world leader in silent chain manufacturing and distribution, Ramsey Products relies on SyteLine for day-to-day operations. "SyteLine enables us to place and track orders efficiently, manage payroll, generate useful reports and, simply, run our business," said Bill Hall, president of Ramsey Products. He continued, "What's also important is that Godlan keeps us informed of the latest updates to SyteLine, so we are confident that, like us, the product will continue to grow and improve."

Additionally, by using the SyteLine manufacturing ERP system over a number of months-and now years-Ramsey benefits from useful company data. "By utilizing SyteLine over so many years, we have a much better ability to view trends in our performance. We can see what we did over the last six months - or the last six years - regarding trends in orders and component usage," said Hall.

"Before SyteLine, we were limited by the software that we were using, and the supplier was no longer adding new features to improve the product," said Hall. "It was time to find a solution that helped us better manage operations and track trends. We selected Godlan because they offered the product functionality and the service expertise that would grow with our business."

Godlan is an approved Infor Gold Channel Partner and has been serving SyteLine ERP manufacturing software customers for more than fifteen years. For more information, visit www.godlan.com or call (586) 464-4400.

About Godlan, Inc.

Godlan is a leading manufacturing performance specialist that has been implementing integrated technology solutions since 1984. As an approved Infor Gold Channel Partner with a focus on Infor SyteLine ERP software, Godlan supports the implementation of world-class processes and best practices throughout discrete manufacturing organizations. For more information about Godlan, its mobile application InSync Anywhere, or SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, call +1 (586) 464-4400 or visit www.godlan.com.