The Future of Automotive Manufacturing

Worldwide vehicle output is forecast to grow more than 50% over the next 10 years, yet many automotive companies are fighting for survival. Clearly, the market’s bounty is not being divided evenly, largely because many external OEMs and tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers are struggling to adapt to changing pressures and evolve with the market.

Cutting edge Infor Automotive solutions help you change in ways that meet your needs and your schedule. When your systems make it easy to keep ahead of the breakneck speed of auto industry progress, you'll turn your ability to change into a strategic advantage.

Specialized by industry

Infor Automotive delivers powerful capabilities that are perfectly suited to the precise demands of all leading automotive categories, including:

Infor Automotive ERP for Tier parts suppliers   Tier parts suppliers        Infor Automotive ERP for Specialty vehicle manufacturers   Specialty vehicle         Infor Automotive ERP for Aftermarket parts suppliers   Aftermarket parts suppliers        

                     Infor Automotive ERP for Automotive and truck builders   Automotive and truck builders           Infor Automotive ERP for Remanufacturers in automotive manufacturing    Remanufacturers



Executive Brief - The future of automotive manufacturingThe Future of Automotive Manufacturing:
Driving integration and innovation with high tech
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The Infor Automotive for Manufacturing Advantage

Our customers use Infor Automotive to:

  • Successfully win new and profitable business for new programs.
  •  Launch new products faster with fewer recalls and lower warranty expense.
  •  Collaborate better with customers and suppliers and drive innovation.
  •  Increase aftermarket order fill rates without additional inventory.
  •  Increase customer satisfaction and increase retention.
  •  Manage all your customer requirements without additional headcount.
  •  Get more output from existing production assets, without investing more money.
  •  Add flexibility to change schedules quickly.
  •  Build and assemble custom vehicles in sequence with lower costs.

“It now takes us only two to three seconds per line to take a sales order— down from five to six seconds. That’s a huge improvement when you consider we’re shipping 8,000 to 9,000 lines per day.”
-Abraham Kurian, VP of Information Technology, WAIglobal

Infor Automotive for Specialty Vehicle

Infor Automotive for Specialty Vehicle Builders offers the broadest, deepest solution for the automotive specialty vehicle industry. Our integrated suite addresses your most critical business processes providing the tools to:

  • Optimize engineering.
  • Accurately cost customizations.
  • Quickly respond to changes in demand.
  • React quickly to market changes.
  • Create a lean, fast, and responsive supply chain.
  • Improve vehicle assembly.
  • Identify problems proactively.
  • Improve field service management.
  • Increase customer retention.


Infor Automotive for Specialty Vehicle BuildersInfor Automotive for Specialty Vehicle Builders

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ERP Manufacturing Software

Infor Automotive provides:

  • A user experience to change the way work is done
  • Industry suites that complete the application
  • A platform to reimagine enterprise software



“Infor SyteLine ERP has given us an important legacy: the foundation from which to grow our competitive position.”
-Abdul Rahman, CEO, HICOM Diecastings

Infor Automotive for Aftermarket Manufacturers

With Infor Automotive for Aftermarket Manufacturers, you get a complete, end-to-end solution that helps you meet industry standards, reduce engineering time and costs, lower inventory, and decrease obsolescence, while improving manufacturing and supply chain efficiency.


Infor Automotive for Aftermarket ManufacturersInfor Automotive for Aftermarket Manufacturers

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