Infor ION - Overview Demo Webinar "Intelligent Open Network"

The next generation business process connectivity software: ION (Intelligent Open Network)

ION is a new solution that will allow you to model, execute, monitor, and manage system processes like never before...

ION is an intelligent network that allows you to move information between systems easily without having to create point to point integrations.  This platform loosely couples systems together so they speak the same language but are not dependent upon each other.

Much like the Internet, one application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking down the entire network. Built using non-proprietary standards, Infor ION provides an open architecture that is flexible, scalable, and adaptable.

Infor ION does its work through several distinct, interrelated systems, each of which can communicate freely with all the others, while maintaining completely synchronized interactivity with all the other parts and with the software you already have.