Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software: Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Industrial equipment manufacturers must deal with complex products, extensive engineering activity, tight deadlines, and cost containment pressures, while striving to meet competition from around the globe. Small and medium size manufacturers compete with much larger multinationals all the time and have the same needs as their larger brethren but fewer resources to apply to meet the challenges. That's why Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for industrial equipment manufacturers is packed with world-class capabilities but designed for ease-of-use so that smaller and mid-sized companies can have the tools they need to compete, without the overhead that other systems not designed for this environment might require. Today's customers expect a lot from their equipment suppliers and the Infor SyteLine Manufacturing ERP system for industrial equipment manufacturers will help you deliver on-time and on-budget despite complex specifications and designs, frequent design changes and late changes.

“With Infor SyteLine, we’ve already seen a great return, saving $50,000 annually. We’ve also reduced financial statement preparation by 7 hours each month, and cut physical inventory from weeks to 2 days, expecting to do a true cycle count soon and save over $300,000 a year.”  - Jeff Forman, VP And General Manager, Governair

Godlan SyteLine Manufacturing ERP System for Industrial Equipment

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for industrial equipment manufacturers is unique in its strength in integrated global sales, development, production, fulfillment and service management processes. It is a fully integrated, multi-entity solution that supports lean manufacturing practices, outsourced operations, supply chain communications and real-time order promising.

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for industrial equipment manufacturers delivers bottom-line results by focusing on the essential challenges that are critical to success in industrial equipment manufacturing.

Rely on Godlan for a successful implementation of Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for industrial equipment manufacturers. The Godlan Implementation Promise is why leading manufacturers choose Godlan as their Manufacturing ERP system provider and technology partner.

“Infor SyteLine helps us see sales trends so that we can target markets and know where to invest sales and marketing in the future.” -Duramax Marine

Key Components of SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

  • Rules - Based, Parametric and Multi-Level Sales Configurator - Rapidly and accurately configure and dynamically price complex products
  • Field Service - Complete service management: Warranties, contracts, call center, and incident tracking; as-built configuration, schedule resources & maintenance, and time & expense
  • Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Engineering Change Management and Document Management - Complete engineering change control, product lifecycle, and lot tracking across all internal and external operations. Integrate AutoCAD/Autodesk, Pro/E, and SolidWorks with Infor ERP SyteLine
  • Fully-Integrated Quality Management - Satisfy customers, control costs, and improve processes
  • Integrated Maintenance Management with Production Planning and Procurement - Minimize equipment downtime, maintain highest calibration, and manage tooling
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) - Order driven Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-to-Promise (CTP) promising through distributed multi-site order management capabilities
  • Comprehensive and Centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Fully-integrated sales, support, field services, and installed-base tracking
  • Integrated Contract Management - Manage product specifications, delivery dates, payment conditions, freight terms, installation, and service agreements to ensure common views and real-time accuracy
  • Handle Individual Machine Orders and Complex Contracts with Ease - Track equipment through its complete lifecycle, from design through service and maintenance
  • Business Intelligence - Infor ERP SyteLine includes sophisticated tools to gather, analyze, and act on data - turning it into useful information for the purposes of planning and decision making
"Only three months after solution implementation, we had the biggest shipping quarter in the company's history — without adding staff to order entry, account services, or buyers."   - Larry O’Neill, CFO, RTC, Inc.

ERP Manufacturing Software for Industrial Equipment

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for industrial equipment manufacturers enables

  • global product rationalization
  • actual product costing
  • centralized sourcing and planning
  • cross-operational visibility and collaboration
  • synchronized supply chain fulfillment

“We required an ERP solution capable of standardizing all of our operations throughout the world. We found these attributes in the Infor solution.” -Suzie Wright, MD and CEO, Digga

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for industrial equipment manufacturers

has the functionality equipment and machinery manufacturers need to stay ahead of the competition.