Intensely Critical - Safety and System Efficiency

Organizations throughout the military, defense & government contract manufacturing industry face challenges unparalleled in any other sector. Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer, government contractor, or supplier, safety and system efficiency are intensely critical to securing the welfare of customers and reliable operations. Meeting stringent regulations, developing emerging markets, and improving quality in spite of escalating energy and raw material costs all add to growing pressures you face while trying to increase revenue and battle the competition.

You need a proven, end-to-end solution specifically designed to manage and streamline the critical processes required in the military, defense & government contract manufacturing industry. With such a solution in place, you’ll be able to achieve a level of operational excellence that lets you focus on your projects and customers by driving efficiency and innovation, and managing your cost position while growing your business.

Infor Aerospace & Defense meets your challenges head-on by offering you a complete ERP solution to manage your entire enterprise and supply chain.

"Infor SyteLine gave us the top-of-theline capabilities we needed at a low total cost of ownership.” -Al Yost, President, Advanced Input Systems

Infor Military, Defense and Government Contract industry software delivers consumer grade experience - Engineered for Speed


Being Prepared Is Not Optional

Surviving annual DCAA audits - that's just the beginning. What about DCMA, source inspections, 1st articles, design documentation, NRE (non-recurring engineering)? The list goes on...

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) give DCAA auditors the right to view contractor records. Per FAR 4.703 (a) "Contractors shall make available records, which includes books, documents, accounting procedures and practices, and other data, regardless of type and regardless of whether such items are in written form, in the form of computer data, or in any other form, and other supporting evidence to satisfy contract negotiation, administration, and audit requirements of the contracting agencies and the Comptroller General." Access to records violations are not limited to failure to provide auditors access to requested documents. Access to records violations also include delaying the audit process by not providing records in a timely manner.

 Infor SyteLine ERP for Military, Defense and Government Contract Manufacturers- Engineered for SpeedTo ensure that our solution meets the most demanding requirements of the industry, Infor Aerospace & Defense has been developed in collaboration with some of the largest aerospace and defense contractors in the world. Industry-specific capabilities are built right into the core solution, so Infor Aerospace & Defense gives you the tools to conquer your most important challenges.

Utilizing proven commercial best practices drawn from more than 20 years in the industry, Infor Aerospace & Defense will help you to sustain competitive differentiation in the face of increasing complexity and costs. Within one integrated solution, all your requirements for commercial, defense, and maintenance contracts are met. You’ll be able to offer a user experience and technology that can be implemented easily and more economically than any other ERP solution.

"Since we now have instantaneous data, we can download it into chart form and share it. We now can discuss all the KPIs for the previous week, which we never could do before." —Don Marshall, Group Financial Analyst, CAV Aerospace

Built For Results

This solution suite will help you:

• Reduce material costs by aggregation and visibility.
• Improve program oversight with visibility to cost and schedule.
• Increase after-market service penetration with your customers.
• Reduce Inventory with comingling and planning.
• Maximize profitability with visibility to overall product cost.
• Manage indirect overhead costs more efficiently.
• Strengthen your cash flow with contract progress billing.

Infor Aerospace & Defense accelerates time to value and provides the flexibility you need to rapidly change as the aerospace and defense industry evolves. You’ll make better decisions, faster.

“Because Infor’s solution uses industry standard technology as the building blocks, our team could easily and quickly get up to speed during the implementation.” says Mark Beach, IT manager, Advanced Input Systems.“Since we’re now on a stable platform that’s using industry-standard technologies like SQL, we’re more willing to invest in refining our internal processes like reporting and data management.”

Some Infor Military, Defense and Government Contract industry related clients:

Infor Military, Defense and Government Contract industry related Customers - Engineered for Speed


“Prior to the Infor SyteLine implementation, our buyers were spending 80% of their time on tactical activities and 20% on strategic,” says Bob Lee, Director of Materials, Advanced Input Systems.“After we implemented the Infor solution, they are now able to spend 40% of their time on strategic activities—double of what it was before.”

Infor Aerospace & Defense brochure

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ERP Manufacturing Software

Infor works directly with some of the largest aerospace and defense companies in the world. Here are just a few:

  • Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group (CAG)
  • BAE Systems
  • Elbit
  • Esterline Technologies Corp
  • DriessTriumph Group, Inc.
  • Sypris Electronics
  • MDA
  • GKN Aerospace—Engine Products
  • Ducommun Aerostructures

Customer Success Profile: AIS (Advanced Input Systems) streamlines processes with Infor SyteLine

Customer Success Story: AIS streamlines processes with Infor SyteLineDownload PDF Customer Success Profile >