Customer Support for Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software

Infor provides a variety of support to its SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software customers. In addition, Godlan offers extended support services for service needs which are outside of the scope of Infor's support offerings.

Infor's Online Training & Support

  1. Infor Campus is a subscription-based, online learning solution offering customers access to electronic training guides, self-paced classes, virtual classes, and live classroom attendance. Infor Campus enables you to:
    • participate in ongoing training
    • explore new product functionality at your convenience
    • study information as often as necessary
    • obtain, print, and copy training guides whenever you want
    • access the latest training guide updates
  2. Technical Support for SyteLine Manufacturing ERP System
    Getting expert application and technical support when, where, and how you need it is vital to keeping your business running smoothly and achieving world-class manufacturing leadership. Infor Support offers your choice of Internet, telephone, email, and fax support. You also receive product releases, including code corrections, enhancements, and revisions to the application software.
  3. Web Site Support
    Around-the-clock, web-based support is available to customers through the Infor Xtreme Online Support website. A no-wait response system is available anytime, from any place. Get immediate answers and information to all your questions:
    • Search the Knowledge Base
    • Troubleshoot Problems
    • Order Software Updates
    • Read the Latest Support and Product News
    • Download the Latest Fixes

Godlan's Extended Support Services for SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software

For needs that cannot be met by Infor Support, Godlan offers expanded services tailored to each customer's requirements. Whether it is an assessment of business needs, assistance with system implementations and process modeling, management consulting and strategic planning, software development and programming, or application training, Godlan is committed to providing timely and responsive support services to its customers.

To deliver on this commitment, Godlan employs a staff of both management consulting and technology consulting professionals with extensive experience in manufacturing.

Godlan builds a foundation of loyal relationships through excellence, value, and commitment.

Interested in Infor Online Training or Support or Godlan's extended support services?

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