Managed Services: G-Watch

The value of an IT infrastructure is not just the dollars a company spent to build it, but also the productivity users create with it. However, once it is built, there is no assurance that the system will not break. The cost of an IT failure far exceeds the cost to repair it, especially when the impacts to critical business processes and customer confidence are factored into the costs. Therefore it is in a company's best interest to defend its IT investment in user productivity and customer confidence by guarding against the risk of IT failure. By proactively monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure through automation and addressing issues as they emerge, a company can safeguard the continuation of critical business processes. This is the premise of automated monitoring services. It is all about mitigating risk and optimizing performance at a cost anyone could justify and without increasing staff.

Facts to consider:

  1. Hardware failure can often be predicted. But a manufacturing company which has $20 million in annual sales will realize $10,000 in lost revenue for every hour of downtime.
  2. System performance issues that slow user productivity by just 2 seconds every minute adds up to 8 hours of lost productivity every day for every 30 computer users. This avoidable labor inefficiency is the equivalent to the salary of 1 additional staff person or conservatively $40,000 annually. If revenue generation is twice salary, the additional loss in revenue opportunity is likewise double, or $80,000 annually.
  3. Computer viruses are a constant threat to businesses. Infected computers can cause system delays, hardware failures, and even irreversible data loss. It is an easy task to install antivirus software on all workstations and servers. However it is an impossible task to manually ensure that the antivirus is always running on all devices and the antivirus definitions are constantly being updated on all devices. And the final financial liability or damage caused by a data breach will ultimately be determined by your customers' lawyers.

In response to customer needs, Godlan has developed an automated monitoring service to minimize a company's risk of catastrophic failure and to optimize system performance. By automatically monitoring event logs and network/device performance and status, Godlan's G-Watch service can report system errors and network conditions which are outside of normal operating levels. This comprehensive monitoring enables the system administrator to take corrective action before a catastrophic network failure occurs which in turn would cause the business itself to grind to a halt.

In addition, monitoring alerts can be configured to thresholds the company defines and be sent by SMS, email, or pager, and escalated to other team members if notifications are missed or ignored. Reports regarding assets, incidents, logs, and metrics are available on-demand and can be scheduled for delivery in Excel, PDF, or CSV file formats.

With G-Watch, manufacturers can automatically monitor the availability and performance of virtually any IP-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, servers, firewalls, printers, and routers. Through automation, G-Watch provides a level of service and risk reduction that virtually no amount of staff can provide.

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