Installation & Implementation

Godlan's approach to implementing a new business solution is based upon the philosophy that an implementation is only successful when it enables a company to achieve its stated business objectives. Simply installing software, even an enterprise system, and training users on its use provide little guarantee that a company will be more competitive in the marketplace, let alone realize a sufficient return on its investment. Therefore Godlan's implementation philosophy is to first identify the critical challenges a business confronts and then to develop an implementation plan that produces the desired results.

Three Implementation Approaches

The implementation of an enterprise business solution is a joint endeavor between customer and vendor. It requires active participation by both parties. However, the degree by which resources and responsibilities are divided can be categorized into three types of implementations: turnkey, self-managed, and collaborative. Godlan offers all three implementation options to its customers.

  1. The turnkey implementation is where the customer requests that Godlan take full responsibility for the success of the implementation and that Godlan provide all resources to train users on the new system and to drive any required process changes through the organization. The company provides leadership oversight and input, but few if any other resources.
    • This implementation option is best suited for a company that lacks experience implementing enterprise systems, has few staff resources that can be dedicated to the implementation project, and exhibits a culture that easily embraces change.
    • The greatest risk with this type of implementation is that the staff may be so removed from the activities of the implementation that the staff feels no ownership of what is being offered and the implementation fails because of indifference.
  2. The self-managed implementation is where the customer assumes full responsibility for the implementation and calls Godlan for assistance only when the customer lacks the expertise to address a particular issue or task. Godlan is primarily a backup resource.
    • This implementation option is best suited for a company that already has staff experienced not only with implementing enterprise systems, but particularly with the specific one being implemented. The company should also have excess staff availability, especially among managers and executives, for they provide the leadership and the bulk of the resources that Godlan would otherwise provide.
    • The greatest risk with this type of implementation is that the implementation is never completed or only partially so because the significant internal staffing resources and costs of a self-managed implementation were underestimated.
  3. The collaborative implementation is where the customer and Godlan strategically divide up implementation roles and responsibilities based upon needed expertise, availability of resources, and leadership requirements. The preparation of the project plan and budget is therefore a collaborative process. Both customer and Godlan assume responsibility for the success for the implementation of the enterprise system and both hold each other accountable as the implementation progresses.
    • This implementation option is best suited for a company that lacks the expertise to drive the implementation, yet who has available internal resources that can help guide any process changes throughout the organization.
    • The greatest risk with this type of implementation occurs when communication between customer and Godlan fail. Coordinated efforts start to falter and the implementation stumbles, leading to project delays and cost overruns.

Godlan strives to establish long-term partnerships where we are working side-by-side with our customers to generate the results our customers seek. Our implementation philosophy and methodology are intended to be flexible enough for every customer requirement, yet structured enough to provide assurance of success.

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ERP Manufacturing Implementation

Godlan's Implementation Philosophy

  • Customer-Centric
  • Objective-Based
  • Metrics-Driven
  • Success-Focused

Our customer's success, defined by them, is our focus.