Integrated Material Planning with Inventory Sourcing / Allocation to Specific Sites

Infor SyteLine ERP supports site-based, linked Advanced MRP or Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS). Each site runs MRP or APS independently and the system creates planned Transfer Orders for the items that can be sourced from other sites. These planned orders can be reviewed and "firmed" into actual Transfer Orders, creating the receiving order at one site and the shipping order at another. The planning system links sites and warehouses together to give complete visibility into cross-site material requirements and availability.

Sites can select whether Item Masters will be shared by the sites or each maintains its own. Copy utilities are also provided allowing Bills of Material and Item Masters to be copied between sites. Cross-site inventory views, management of supply and demand across sites, and automated inter-site transfers help keep inventory low while ensuring that inventory is available in the right locations.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Item Availability

Integrated Material Planning Screenshot