Businesses with multiple manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, service facilities, and financial entities can operate more efficiently with SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software's multi-site functionality. The solution supports autonomous sites or centralized control in the areas of:

SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software: Multi-Site Capabilities

SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software: Multi-Site Capabilities Screenshot


The "Centralized" approach allows all data and programs to be managed on centralized servers with remote access using a Web browser, Citrix, or Windows Terminal Services. Shared data is synchronized immediately across all sites.

The "Autonomous but Integrated" approach allows separate sites using the SyteLine Manufacturing ERP system to have their own site database that is synchronized with the other sites via the Internet. The sites do NOT need a full-time or fast connection to each other as the "shared data" is synchronized in a queued fashion, achieving near real-time integration. This allows for greatly reduced cost in network connectivity.

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SyteLine ERP Multi-Site,  Multi-Plant, Multi-National Overview Video Demo

View the Infor SyteLine Multi-Site demo

for a quick look at SyteLine's ERP Manufacturing Software multi-site functionality.