SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software: Document Management & Automation

Document Management for the Infor SyteLine Manufacturing ERP system provides an integrated, enterprise level solution that enables you to store and manage all transactional and related business documents into one secure system with easy-to-use lookup, reporting and filing capabilities. Going GREEN is all about eliminating the waste of paper and the need for filing cabinets, all while improving productivity and increasing customer service.

Whether it is Accounts Payable, HR, Customer or Vendor sign-offs on design, manufacturing specs on products, MSDS sheets or any other document, they can all be stored in one secure database with easy-to-use query and look-up capabilities.


SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software will help your business:

  1. Save Money
    • Reduce costly labor expenses due to filing, retrieving, emailing, routing, and looking for lost documents
    • Eliminate costs associated with copying, printing, and faxing documents
    • Improve productivity by validating data during scanning
    • Decrease the time and costs spent assembling documents for audits
    • Decrease the time and costs associated with managing compliance programs
    • Grow your business and transactional volumes without adding staff
    • Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by automating delivery of invoices, including past due invoices
  2. Save Time
    • Streamline business process by changing to a paperless, rules-based workflow
    • Publish documents through a web portal to free up Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)
    • Re-allocate saved time for employees to more revenue-generating activities
    • Proactively manage internal documents through configurable queries
    • Automatically import electronic transactions, faxes, EDIs, lockboxes, and more
    • Barcode and Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) technologies provide for fast electronic filing of documents
  3. Increase Responsiveness
    • Research and resolve customer disputes right from your desktop
    • Review and approve accounts payable, comparing PO, invoice, and packing slip all from your desktop
    • Publish documents through a web portal to enable customer self-service
    • Better enable internal communication between departments and branches
    • Automate exception reporting through configurable queries

See Results Now with SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software

Join other ERP Manufacturing software customers who have automated their enterprise paper handling with the SyteLine Manufacturing ERP system document management. Validated by our customers, the return on investment is between 6-8 months. At Godlan, we help manufacturers utilize technology to streamline operations and stay competitive.

ERP Document Management

Rely on SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software and Godlan to help you:

  • securely store all business documents in one database
  • easily access all information right from your desktop
  • address compliance issues
  • save time
  • save money
  • improve customer service
  • achieve significant ROI on the ERP project

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