ERP Manufacturing Software: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables you to optimize your interactions with customers. Whether your aim is to take better advantage of inbound marketing opportunities, conduct smarter outbound marketing campaigns, or increase the effectiveness of your sales and service operations, it improves the entire process of managing customer relationships at the lowest total cost of ownership

ERP Manufacturing Software: Order ManagementERP Order Management Software

Order management functionality lets you quickly create quotes with accurate product configuration and pricing, instantly access and commit product availability, and turn quotes into orders at the press of a button. On-the-spot order promising helps customer service agents and sales reps:

  • create quotes quickly
  • configure and price products accurately
  • commit resources
  • give immediate answers without callbacks

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software with efficient order entry includes the option to automate steps such as credit, pricing, and real-time inventory available to promise checks. Quickly provide quotes with details of customer-specific product configuration and pricing. Before a quote is given or an order is committed, the custom or configured product is checked against supply, production and engineering resource availability-ensuring the product can be made on time and to the customer's specific needs, the first time. Closed-loop interactions with customers facilitate the completion of follow-up tasks as promised. Instant order validation guards against invalid configurations or pricing errors that could create delays. On-the-spot order promising commits and aligns production schedules to meet customer deadlines rather than forcing customers to accept options that do not meet their needs and risk losing their business.

ERP Manufacturing Software

The embedded CRM functionality of the SyteLine Manufacturing ERP system includes:

  • marketing and lead management
  • sales order information
  • service information
  • part information
  • prospect and customer contact management
  • opportunity management
  • forecasting
  • pipelines

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