SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software: Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

To be competitive today, manufacturers need to do more and more with less and less. Reduce inventory and manufacturing costs without jeopardizing customer service. Planning must focus on customer demand, pulling to the customer due date and synchronizing the flow of material and capacity accordingly.

ERP Manufacturing Software: Advanced Planning & SchedulingWith the Advanced Planning & Scheduling module of the Infor SyteLine Manufacturing ERP system you will:

  • Improve customer service and on-time delivery.
  • Minimize expediting and overtime.
  • Reduce work-in-process and finished goods inventory.
  • Compress manufacturing lead-times.
  • Increase throughput and profit.

SyteLine Advanced Planning & Scheduling is a powerful solution that synchronizes the use of work centers, inventory, resources, and supply with customer orders, enabling you to:

  • Generate an accurate promise date to your customer at the time of order entry or quotation.
  • Plan material and capacity simultaneously.
  • Thread all planned orders to source of demand.
  • Plan in a just-in-time manner, eliminating delays.
  • Plan order by order, eliminating unnecessary batching.

Scheduling within SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software provides a manufacturing schedule based on the scheduling of events or operations instead of complete jobs and uses the same tables and data as the planning engine. This allows you to:

  • Take better advantage of openings in resource schedules.
  • Provide a more realistic dispatch list for the shop floor.
  • Synchronize the production schedule to the plan.
  • Have the option to use master scheduling to handle production runs where order-by-order production would not be optimal.


SyteLine ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling - Achieve Enhanced Customer Service and Production Optimization   Watch the 7 minute overview demo video here.


Possibly the most important benefit to a sophisticated APS solution is that it helps you make plans you can be certain you’ll achieve by taking a wide range of real-world constraints into account, including:

Aggregate capacity of machines and labor- One phase of your operation may be faster or slower than others. Your APS solution should be able to show you the most efficient way to organize your manufacturing process as a whole.

Labor skills- If only a few employees can operate a particular machine, the system will recognize this as a capacity limitation and plan accordingly.

Special tools- If special tools are essential to one phase of the process, APS accounts for the supply of those tools in building a plan.

Material availability- If essential materials are scheduled for delivery on a future date, there is no point in planning production as if the materials were on hand today. Your APS solution should be able to plan for the situation you face in reality, not just in theory.

Production sequence- APS can recognize the optimal sequence of production (e.g. “light-to-dark” or “can size”) which will minimize lost time due to change-overs and clean-ups. This capability alone can boost productivity by as much as 25% without any investment in new equipment.

Executive Brief- Enhancing ERP with advanced planning and scheduling (APS) for better manufacturing How APS increases the value of ERP 


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Executive Brief- Enhancing ERP with advanced planning and scheduling (APS) for better manufacturing How APS increases the value of ERP

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