The Question of Quality

Your customers require products made to their precise specifications. You require the same of your suppliers. You are equally committed to the same exacting level of quality within your company and across your entire organization. You face endless challenges in complying with government regulations, providing quality records to auditors and customers, and continually making improvements to your organization.

Benefit From Experience

Our experts at Infor take pride in the 25 years’ experience they’ve devoted to ERP Business. We’re confident that Infor™ SyteLine Quality Control Solution (QCS) will advance your business by:

• Managing quality-based processes, such as non-conformance and corrective actions
• Improving data integrity and consistency
• Enforcing a controlled, repeatable process
• Providing audit information and reporting
• Measuring cost of quality/non-conformance
• Communicating quality to everyone in the enterprise
• Improving processes
• Capturing quality data needed for compliance, such as traceability, inspection results, and reviews
• Identifying improvement opportunities
• Managing changes
• Providing quality records to auditors and customers

Make Quality Control Count

Who's responsible for quality? Everyone.

That’s an easy thing to say, but actions speak louder than words. When everyone in your organization has effective quality control tools, your quality efforts accelerate. QCS connects every individual associated with your organization with your quality program. It also makes quality management an intrinsic part of everyone’s daily efforts. QCS integrates best-in-class quality into the SyteLine functions used to run your manufacturing operation. It supports quality activities relating to receiving, manufacturing, shipping and returns.

QCS also manages advanced quality activities across your entire organization, including quality incidents, change management, and responses to audit findings. Above all, Infor SyteLine Quality Control Solution creates the framework for building a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization.

QCS supports quality activities of your enterprise, not just the manufacturing process. The four distinct QCS modules, all built on a common foundation of powerful quality management tools, include:

QCS Enterprise

The QCS Enterprise module encompasses:
• Topics
• Changes
• Process templates

QCS supports quality activities across your entire enterprise, not just the manufacturing process. That includes quality incidents, change management, responses to audit findings, machine and maintenance issues, safety, training, and opportunities for continuous improvements. With QCS, you can make specific reviews mandatory and require that those reviews get addressed as a precondition to closing a change management report.

Because the consistency of quality processes is a critical component to every quality system, QCS Process templates allow employees to apply a standard process template to each individual application of their standard process. QCS also monitors the progress and completion of each task within the process.

QCS Supplier

The QCS Supplier module manages:
• Receiving inspection
• Vendor Return Material Authorization (RMA)
• Supplier performance reporting

The process of managing your suppliers never ends. Beginning with a review of the supplier facilities and an approval process, the QCS Supplier module helps track vendor communications and quality control (QC) status. The receiving process of this module includes material handling, safety alerts, printing tags, assigning unique tracking numbers, and putting material in a QC holding area pending disposition. From here, QC inspects and assigns the material to inventory for production or tracks non-conforming material to its final disposition. If the material needs to be returned to the supplier, QCS provides integrated Vendor RMA support, including links with accounting. QCS automatically calculates vendor product quality and delivery performance to help you build strong supplier relationships.

QCS In-Process

The QCS In-Process module covers:
• Job inspection and rework
• Serial number tracking
• Cost of scrap

Tracking quality requirements during production often becomes a chore, what with the need to record the disposition of materials at multiple inspection points, track sign-offs, capture test results, record defects, and track items requiring rework or repair. The QCS In-Process module streamlines your entire process.

Many situations require you to track and inspect manufactured items piece-by-piece, according to serial number or tag number. QCS supports all SyteLine production methods—jobs, production schedules, and just in-time (JIT). It also allows you to enter all details while in a job, including disposition, non-conformance tracking, cost of quality, test results, defects, and failures.

In addition, QCS reports the cost of scrap including labor, material, and overhead. You can identify defective raw material at the point of use rather than at receipt, which helps you report the issue promptly. When you mark items as defective during manufacturing, QCS lets you track each nonconforming item and capture the associated costs of quality. In addition, when a job requires you to send material outside for processing, QCS prints paperwork to attach to the product when it leaves your facility and when it returns again.

QCS Customer

The QCS Customer module deals with:
• Shipping inspection and QA
• Customer RMA
• Customer Complaints

Customers may require you to ship paperwork with each product to confirm that you have designed, manufactured, or inspected the product to meet regulatory or customer requirements. The QCS Customer module improves your work process by identifying which items require such confirmation and ensuring that these items are routed through QC prior to shipping. You can record inspection results, print necessary paperwork and then tag the product as accepted and ready to ship.

If your customers return the product, QCS works with the SyteLine RMA module to direct that product to QC for receipt, inspection, disposition, and non-conformance tracking. The Customer Complaint Reporting (CCR) function helps you respond to feedback from your customers, assign responsibility, track your internal review and corrective action, and to measure customer satisfaction.

QCS common foundation

The Supplier, In-Process, and Customer modules are built on a common foundation to help you manage key quality requirements that span every facet of your organization.

This common foundation includes:
Non-conformance—When material is suspect or nonconforming and requires further review, QCS offers the tools you need to record critical data such as description, cause, correction, containment, cost, and final disposition of the material.
Corrective action—When you need to make changes to avoid problems in the future, QCS includes tools to plan, track, and effectively implement change, including internal review, cause analysis, correction, implementation, and prevention.
Cost of quality—For every non-conformance and corrective action, there’s an associated cost of Quality. QCS captures, categorizes, and reports those costs to improve your decision making.
Quick reporting of quality issues—A simple kiosk-style screen enables user to quickly record quality issues, notify the necessary people, print a tag, and then get back to work.
QC item definition—From a quality control (QC) perspective, an item’s definition goes beyond traditional data your SyteLine system uses for planning, costing, and inventory control purposes.

QCS allows you to define an item’s QC profile, including inspection characteristics, methods, regulations, drawings, and gages. You can link an item’s profile with specific vendors, customers, or internal processes. In addition, QCS enables you to link profiles with other electronic documentation, such as drawings, process detail sheets, inspection procedures, and material handling instructions.

Record inspection results—QCS also enables you to define inspection and test plans, and to record and report the results of these inspections. QCS lets you define the allowable codes to record QC disposition including reason, disposition cause, failure, defects, and cost of quality. Users work from your code lists to ensure accurate capture and reporting according to your quality system.

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To truly make quality every employee’s responsibility, you first must have efficient and effective quality management tools. Infor SyteLine Quality Control Solution delivers the capabilities you need to make quality management an integral part of the daily responsibilities of everyone connected with your business. The solution blends first-rate quality control into the SyteLine functions that help you run your enterprise, so quality management becomes central to your company’s culture.



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Benefit from experience

  • QCS supports quality activities relating to receiving, manufacturing, shipping and returns.
  • QCS creates the framework for building a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization.
  • QCS delivers the capabilities you need to make quality management an integral part of the daily responsibilities of everyone connected with your business.

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