Inforce ION Technology Solution - What It Is

Inforce is an Infor ION technology-enabled solution that gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. By connecting your front-and back-office systems with ION technology, the same middleware framework that seamlessly integrates other strategic solutions with Infor ERP, Inforce lets you share customer-centric information and processes between CRM and ERP.


Inforce makes it easy to share real-time data between ERP and CRM, so your sales teams have up-to-the-minute information about the status of their customers’ orders, shipments, invoices, and payments. With a greater understanding of each account, your sales and service teams take a more consultative approach to qualify better, run more credible sales cycles, and lower your total cost of sales.

The combined solution supports operational goals of improved marketing, sales and service effectiveness that can be measured by better win rates, larger deals, more frequent cross and up-sell, customer satisfaction and retention and, ultimately, improved profits.

"Successful organizations are continuously looking for ways to create  a more responsive enterprise centered on the customer," said Michael Bristol,  senior product manager, Infor. "By connecting and enhancing CRM with ERP,  organizations have clearer visibility into customer relationships, supporting a more customer-centric business process and providing teams with the tools to successfully leverage the entire customer life cycle in the cloud."

Inforce connecting SyteLine ERP and Salesforce CRM provide a 360 view for manufacturers

New capabilities now available through Inforce include:

    Support for Multi-ERP and Multi-Company Data - Inforce delivers new functionality
    that enables a single Inforce implementation to be integrated with multiple, and
    even different, back-office installations.

    Customers can leverage their back-office information in CRM, while Inforce manages
    the security, filtering and information management that marketing, sales and service
    teams depend on.

Inforce connecting SyteLine ERP and Salesforce CRM provide a 360 view for manufacturers software

    Ability to Support any Business Object Document (BOD) - Inforce already delivers
    standard integration of more than a dozen BODs, and the new Inforce Any BOD
    functionality provides the ability for customers to expand their ION-based integration
    to map and use any of the 100+ Infor-supported BODs.  This Inforce enhancement enables
    customers to more easily incorporate and leverage information and processes between
    the back office and the front office to support their unique business requirements.

    New Quote Object  - The Inforce Quote object is designed to receive and display quote
    information provided from Infor ERP, and also introduces new flexibility allowing a
    Quote to be created and associated with a Contact, Account, Opportunity or stand-alone.

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Social Enterprise - Do You Chatter?

With Inforce, you can extend ERP and CRM data to your enterprise via Salesforce Chatter, your own private employee social network. Chatter makes it easy for everyone in your organization to quickly discover resources, connect with people and content, and collaborate on business process in real time. When customer data is updated, a big deal is closed, or a support issue is escalated, you can be instantly and automatically notified via Chatter. You’re never out of the loop.

Chatter makes it easy to share relevant customer data with anyone in your organization, even those that don’t use your ERP and CRM solutions. You can even choose to invite partners and customers into a private Chatter group, sharing only information relevant to their roles. With Chatter, business collaboration comes naturally. You make smarter, faster decisions, and watch productivity soar.

Inforce Overview Brochure:

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