Duet Connector - Business Connectivity Simplified

Duet is a technology-enabled solution that gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. By connecting your front-and back-office systems with Duet technology, you can share customer-centric information and processes between Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP and Salesforce CRM.


Data is at the heart of every business decision.  Accessing the right data can sometimes be  frustrating and time-consuming. The decisions made are based on good or bad information and can determine the success of a sales campaign, the launching of a new product, manufacturing production delays, or simply a company’s day to day business success. Access is one thing, having the information when you need it is a totally different conversation.

The Duet connector helps companies avoid wasting time collecting information and then delivering it to the right place. Duet, a managed package connector, removes the hassle and difficulty setting up communication between applications. It puts the data seamlessly into Salesforce where Sales, Marketing, Service, and other connected groups can easily have access and make decisions. It is fast, reliable, and delivers the added benefit of being a complete cloud based solution reducing your onsite footprint. Updates to ERP are critical to viewing orders, planning shipments, and accurately creating Bill of Materials so manufacturing has a perfect understanding of what the customer has ordered.

The bridge between Infor ERP systems and Salesforce is dependable and fast performing. Best yet, it’s a managed service relieving the burden of responsibility from the IT team and reducing the in-house integration expertise required. Any size company can take advantage of the Duet product. It supports all Infor ERP products and can connect to previous or new installations of Salesforce. For companies with several ERP database locations that support various company businesses, Duet can easily be configured to work successfully with multisite operations.

 With a greater understanding of each account, your sales and service teams take a more consultative approach to qualify better, run more credible sales cycles, and lower your total cost of sales. The combined solution supports operational goals of improved marketing, sales and service effectiveness that can be measured by better win rates, larger deals, more frequent cross and up-sell, customer satisfaction and retention and, ultimately, improved profits.

Connect Salesforce CRM with ERP for a 360° View of Your Customers

Duet Versions:

Duet Quote to Order will support one-way or bi-directional synchronization of Master Data objects such as Customers, Contacts for flexibility and sharing of updates. Other ERP information including Shipping and Billing updates, Products, and Pricing can be synchronized one-way to deliver a more complete picture of a customer’s business transactions, and thereby keeping all customer supporting Salesforce always informed real-time.

Duet Field Service Plus synchronizes Service Requests from Salesforce to Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP while sending Work Orders, Scheduling and Dispatch, Service Contracts and Service history to Salesforce. Field Service organizations are generally in a reactive mode when customer assets need to be installed and/or repaired. Standard Field Service Processes manage the tasks, but Duet Field Service Plus addresses how to prioritize the job based on parts availability, not only the job itself.

Duet for Field Service Lightning enables companies to optimize the core Field Service Processes in Salesforce. The product synchronizes key field service data from ERP systems such as Inventory levels and parts availability into Salesforce leading to efficient scheduling of Field Service tasks utilizing critical Inventory data.

Connect Salesforce CRM with ERP for a 360° View of Your Customers

Overview of Duet

◊ 360 degree view of your customers       ◊ Better access to critical information
◊ Streamline business processes             ◊ Improve interdepartmental communication
◊ Reduce data and work duplication       ◊ Make more informed business decisions
◊ Become more customer focused          ◊ Drive profitability
◊ Improve forecast accuracy                     ◊ Streamlined quoting and approval process
◊ Executive visibility into the sales process, marketing campaigns and service reports


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Help Your Company Improve Overall Productivity

  • Duet consolidates data into one single platform, providing your company full customer visibility in one place.
  • The Sales Team can focus their time and effort on selling, by eliminating inefficient internal communication.
  • Marketing will be able to develop customized, highly targeted campaigns that maximize results.
  • The Services Department will be able to quickly and efficiently satisfy customer issues, while assisting in the sales cycle.

Duet was built with affordability and ease of use in mind, no hardware to buy and house, no IT presence needed. The connection is fully managed, in the cloud.