Workbench Suite - Get all the information you need - when you need it.

Whether you’re a C-level officer monitoring strategic company-wide KPIs or a billing manager who needs to streamline invoicing for better cash flow, Workbench gives you quick, timesaving access to data and connects you to supporting layers of related data. You’ll increase productivity, provide valuable role-related feedback, and support each employee’s problem-solving efforts.

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Providing employees with real-time performance data empowers them to identify predictive trends, take preemptive actions, and respond quickly to critical issues pertaining to their role, department or division. SyteLine’s Workbenches are tailored around specific company roles, from the C-level officer monitoring company-wide KPIs for strategic planning… to the shipping supervisor striving to maintain on-time delivery performance.  Workbenches provide quick, time-saving access to data, increase productivity, provide valuable feedback, and support each employee’s problem-solving efforts.

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Share your analysis with others in the organization by quickly exporting it to Excel or a pdf, then upload to a Sharepoint site or email to other users.

In an age when information drives nearly every business decision, you can save lots of time by using a tool that consolidates all the information you need and puts it in one place. You’ll not only get more done, but you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing that you really have your business under control. You always know what you need to do next with Infor SyteLine Workbench Suite.



Get It All Right: Information - Place - Time

Arm your employees with the exact information they need to successfully accomplish their work with Infor SyteLine Workbench Suite. You’ll get a single, consolidated screen that pulls together the data that matters most and organizes it for quick, effective action.

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Take advantage of a range of role-based Workbenches, including:

  • Customer Order Workbench
  • Customer Service Workbench
  • Item Workbench
  • Inventory Workbench
  • Job Workbench
  • Partner Workbench
  • Project Workbench
  • Purchasing Workbench
  • Service Management Workbench
  • Unit Workbench

Infor SyteLine Workbench Suite Overview Brochure Download

Infor SyteLine Workbench Suite Brochure

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