SyteLine FS+ (Field Service Plus) Service Management for Field Service

SyteLine FS+ (Field Service Plus) helps manufacturers manage and track their product after it ships . . .  to manage warranties, extended service contracts, and service level agreements. If you manufacture, install or service complex products, you understand the value of a flexible, easy to use solution like Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus.

You’ll accelerate and streamline your entire service life-cycle with powerful capabilities that include:

Contact center. Give your call center easy access to detailed data for fast response to inquiries and work order creation.

Work orders. Track and manage work orders for faster completion of service requests, more accurate billing, and greater customer satisfaction.

Scheduling and dispatch. Gain visibility into each technician’s schedule, route, certification level, and experience so that you can match the right technician with the right job. You’ll also increase resolution rates and minimize non-essential trips back to the warehouse.

Plant maintenance. Schedule preventative maintenance for internal assets in order to prevent unexpected downtime, extend the life-cycle of equipment, and maximize warranty cost savings.

Service contracts. Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency. Visibility into the contract details, unit, and service history improves decision making and creates opportunities to up sell or extend service agreements.

Depot repair. Manage product returns for repair, refurbishment, or shipment to a third party vendor.

Service History. Gain access to complete historical data, including customer profile, unit description, contract status, and service history.

Analytics. Easily analyze data down to the detail level, thanks to integrated real-time data, total visibility, and accurate tracking. Flexible reporting aids in decision making, planning, and providing engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs. Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus Improve your company's efficiency, productivity and profitability with Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus.

You also get support for multiple languages and currencies, and the tools you need to support local regulations. So, you’re getting a solution that’s flexible enough to grow with your organization and meet its expanding needs.

Improve your company's efficiency, productivity and profitability with Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus.

Position yourself for maximum profit.
When you streamline your field service process with the full range and power of Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus, your customers get better service faster and you will enjoy greater efficiency and productivity. Improved first-call resolution rates and error-free billing will boost long-term customer loyalty and will give you a unique competitive advantage. With a streamlined service life-cycle and a condensed call-to-cash cycle, you’ll be positioned for maximum profit opportunities.