Unleash Hidden Business Opportunities

Your Infor Syteline solution collects, manages, and distributes the information you need to run your manufacturing business more efficiently and profitably. But sometimes it’s difficult to mine such a rich trove of data quickly enough to support important decisions and gain real business benefits. That’s why we developed Infor BI for SyteLineto give manufacturers the power to analyze trends in market forces, understand what’s driving the business, and make quick and informed decisions.

Infor SyteLine ERP BI Business Intelligence Manufacturing Software

Reassuringly Different

You’ll gain the ability to transform your business with Infor BI for SyteLine because of two powerful differences that set this solution apart from all others: Prepackaged content and technical integration. While other solutions offer pre-built dashboards and analytic tools, Infor BI for SyteLine integrates ready-made cubes and dashboards as seamless parts of the Infor SyteLine environment you already use to make your business run. By creating a single, unified platform where you can analyze, support, and execute decisions within your ERP, you’ll gain a level of business insight that’s simply not possible otherwise. You’ll also accelerate your decision making process, add unmatched agility and responsiveness, and prepare yourself to adjust to new business conditions and opportunities as they arise.

Infor SyteLine ERP BI Business Intelligence Manufacturing Software Godlan

SyteLine BI Cubes & Dashboards   

  • Account Receivable Analysis
  • Bookings Analysis
  • Business Performance Analysis
  • Financial Income Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Job Efficiency Analysis
  • Material Scrap Analysis
  • Sales and Product Contribution Analysis
  • Sales Delivery Analysis
  • Vendor Received Analysis

Infor SyteLine ERP BI Business Intelligence Manufacturing Software Manufacturers

Add Power to Your Information

Understand and identify your company’s problems and challenges fast with Infor BI for SyteLine. You’ll have access to the latest reliable information you need to help you drive the most value for your manufacturing organization. You’ll be able to:

• Analyze buying patterns and better understand customers.
• Finely target marketing and sales strategies.
• Discover market and product opportunities.
• Pinpoint supply chain weaknesses.
• Minimize inventory and associated costs.
• Spot strategic trends in product mix or cost structure

Above all, you’ll get to the right answers quickly, your business will become more competitive, and you’ll be able to react faster and with more confidence.



Infor SyteLine Business Intelligence (BI): Focused architecture for targeted business results

You’ll get quick answers to the questions that matter most with Infor BI for SyteLine, thanks to its assortment of pre-built, role-based dashboards and reports, organized to support the most important aspects of your business, including: Manufacturing, Finance, Sales, Inventory and Purchasing.

Download the Infor SyteLine Business Intelligence (BI) Brochure

for a closer look at Infor SyteLine Business Intelligence (BI) ERP software for manufacturing. You may also be interested in our white paper on Dealing with Chaos: 4 Steps to Successful Manufacturing; download to read more. Call us at 586.464.4400 for additional information.