Infor Motion - Mobile Enablement

Unlock the power of existing enterprise solutions and give your employees access to the systems,
processes, and information they need anytime, anywhere with Infor Motion.  Our broad and
continually expanding portfolio of mobile applications gives you information on the go,  allowing
you to increase response times, improve decision making, and build a workforce that's proactive,
agile, and adaptable.

Infor 10x, the latest release of Infor’s proven business applications, delivers major enhancements
to Infor Motion, like the ability to easily develop custom mobile applications to meet your specific
needs and integrate seamlessly with your Infor applications.

Infor Motion Road Warrior

When you’re doing business on the road, you can’t be slowed down by lack of access to your back
office systems. You need current information anytime, anywhere, along with the power to make
decisions quickly and take action immediately while you’re on the move. Infor Motion Road Warrior
brings information to where you and your customers do business—on the road, at the airport, wherever
the opportunity exists.

Powered by the same Infor ION technology that connects the rest of your business solutions, Motion
Road Warrior lets you get work done on the move, then helps you pick up where you left off when you
get back to the office.

Work in context

Road Warrior gives today’s mobile sales professional access to critical customer data in a convenient
mobile form. It doesn’t just give you a window on your data; it delivers sharper insight and
responsiveness that rivals its desktop counterparts, including:

In-context business intelligence—Road Warrior
automatically zeroes in on information that’s most                                  
likely to be valuable in the context of the work
you’re doing at any given moment, accessing
graphs, charts, and critical information with the
swipe of your finger.

Location awareness—By taking advantage of the
built-in location features of your smart device, Road
Warrior maps the locations of nearby customers and
other resources.

A view of what matters—The Road Warrior
interface displays links to popular collaboration
services, such as Skype and Facetime, so that you can
initiate discussions without having to launch a
new application.

Road Warrior, powered by Infor Motion, gives you fast, reliable connections to all of your business
applications.  Also, there’s no need to integrate and provision mobile apps—device and application
management functions are built into the Infor ION technology framework.  Above all, Road Warrior
reflects the reality of today’s mobile workforce, with in-context business intelligence that helps
you focus on information that’s relevant to what you’re  doing and where you’re working. For example,
it’s not enough to be able to view an account record—a travelling account rep needs to know about late
orders, outstanding invoices, customer service issues, and a whole range of timely and relevant
information that can affect a sale. Road Warrior displays all the relevant information in context to
help you do business better.

Infor Motion ActivityDeck

The speed at which you get things done is critical to business today. That includes the speed at which
manager can make decisions to resolve business exceptions, review documents such as purchase orders,
and perform other tasks essential to keeping your business and supply chain flowing smoothly—free of
bottlenecks. Trouble is, when managers are on the road or in meetings, approvals get delayed, problems
go unresolved, bottlenecks happen, and business slows. You need a solution that lets managers keep the
business flowing smoothly when they are away from their desks, out of the office, or on assignment halfway
around the world.

Infor Motion ActivityDeck is a multi-platform management console that changes the way business
gets done today. By tapping into back-office systems via our innovative ION platform, Motion ActivityDeck
presents a manager’s critical tasks and alerts real time in a well-organized, multi-column format that
makes it easy to approve pending requests. Best of all, the console adapts for easy readability and quick
action on a laptop or other device—our Infor Motion platform enables smartphone and tablet access—so
managers have the information to make fast decisions no matter where they are or which device they have
handy.  Even with its speed, portability, and ease of use, Motion ActivityDeck goes deep. A manager can
quickly drill down to find the origin of the alert or pending request because Motion ActivityDeck builds
the to-do list from the back-office systems where they originate—ERP, EAM, CRM, or SCM system, for example.

With Motion ActivityDeck, you’ll be able to:                                        Infor Motion with Road Warrior and Activity Deck

Get alerts wherever you are. When events occur outside
your business rules, the appropriate manager knows about                              
it instantly because Motion ActivityDeck deploys alerts
across the ideal medium—mobile devices.

Filter information the way you want it. Your managers
can use the display columns to filter information based
on escalated tasks, high priority, or oldest pending tasks.
Also, built-in search capabilities make it easy to find critical
information quickly.

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What Customers Say About Infor Motion

How do we add a business value for the [mobile] device…? Any information that we can
 get from the field, back to our ERP system, in the shortest amount of time, of course,
 reduces invoice generation time, and therefore improves your cash flow.
 -Allan Davies, CIO, Dematic

"I more like Road Warrior, because I just pay for functionality that I need.
-Jack Stroeken, Director of IT, Fancom

ERP Manufacturing Software

Infor Motion Provides the Ability To:


 • Give employees anytime, anywhere access to systems, information,
    and processes in a secure environment.

• Increase responsiveness to key risks and opportunities.

• Reduce the time required to make decisions across the business.

• Establish a proactive approach to problem identification
  and resolution.

• Improve employee satisfaction.

Infor Motion Road Warrior Bottom 6 Minute Demo Video