IEV - Take Control of Your Data

Infor SyteLine ERP Integral Enterprise Viewer (IEV) is an Enterprise Data Access tool allowing your company to access, and use, all of its data—no matter where or what format it resides in. You can combine different data stores together under one roof— empowering all of your users to visualize critical decision-making data.

SyteLine IEV builds on this basic premise by offering reporting services – many common reporting output types are supported (such as PDF, Excel, Crystal Reports, XML, HTML, etc.) in addition to its own internal multi-level graphical reporting output.


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SyteLine IEV is also a fast and easy way for any user in your company to query data—across sites, database technologies, and other common boundaries. You can optionally cache this information to off-load slow network connections or legacy data stores.

Finally, IEV is also an efficient and secure way to create web-based dashboards. Whether you want to graph important financial metrics on your company‘s intranet site in SharePoint, integrate additional customer-related data into CRM, or provide a portal dashboard for your vendors, IEV can do it with a few clicks.

Visit THIS PAGE to view the recorded video overview and software walk-through demo.

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SyteLine Integral Enterprise Viewer (IEV) - Take Control of Your Data

• Powerful end-user reporting and viewing tools.

• Inquire, view, report, navigate, and export on any SyteLine data and any data in other OLE DB databases in your enterprise.

• Provides access to data locally or across the Web, in single or multi-site environments.

• Use IEV to call other applications and serve as a system integration tool.

• Extract data outputs to e-mail, Excel, PDF, other file formats, and printer report options.

• Built-in inquiries for SyteLine, APS, CRM, and other SyteLine solutions.

• Create, personalize, & drill down into any data source & save inquiries for quick retrieval.

• Easy to use and users can learn the IEV and begin to use it in just minutes.

• Used by executive managers, end-users, power-users, system admin & developers.