Exceed Expectations with CPQ (Configure Price Quote) from Infor.

No matter how complex your multi-site, global scenario, you must be able to respond quickly and accurately to customer demand. That includes producing customized products on the tightest of schedules to the most stringent customer specifications. It’s simply what the marketplace has come to expect these days, and forward-thinking manufacturers not only meet the expectations; they exceed them with unprecedented speed and agility. The key is having the right technology support for guided, customized product configuration at the point of sale, helping you simplify your selling processes and meet your customer commitments.Configurator-Infor-SyteLine-ERP-Manufacturing-Software-PCM

• Improve order accuracy.

• Ensure every order is feasible.

• Reduce lead times.

• Meet customer expectations and increase sales.


“SyteLine’s configurator (CPQ) is straight-forward, and, unlike other ERP solutions, it requires only one set of rules to maintain external and internal capabilities, cutting our workload in half. It was the obvious choice.” - Mike Russell, IT administrator at Fabco Air

The way it works.

CPQ (configurator) provides a holistic approach to the design, sales, and production of customized products. Our integrated solution ensures configured orders are feasible for the production department by providing clear visibility across inventory and schedules.

Built-in rules and constraints make the selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free. Only valid combinations of features, options, and dimensions are created, quoted, and ordered.

CPQ (configurator) includes a rich graphical user interface that provides your sales team with all the tools they need to easily tap the solution’s full functionality when working with customers. Configurator-Infor-SyteLine-ERP-Manufacturing-Software-PCM

Guided product selection—Identify and select the products that best fit customer needs through attribute/requirement questions, results filtering, and match-ranking capabilities.

Product visualization—Bring your products to life at the sales level and confirm their validity through immediate visual reference at the product, feature, and option levels.

Product modeling—Maintain comprehensive models that use both rules and constraints to make selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free.

Real-time testing—Iteratively develop and test models in the modeling environment. Test changes immediately without having to use a separate application to invoke the configuration engine.

Product pricing—Ensure an accurate price for any given configuration, including list price, discounted price, dealer cost, and/or any other cost view you need.

“We're transforming the way we do business across sales, engineering, and manufacturing. We couldn't be more pleased with the software and the support we've gotten.”
- Chuck Baugh, VP and COO, Overly Door Company

CPQ (configurator) outputs.

Generate product configuration codes, sales and service information, and manufacturing information such as the bill of  material (BOM), routing, and cut sheet for use in manufacturing planning and on the shop floor. Other optional add-on outputs include a 2D or 3D CAD model generation with drawings and thumbnail images, as well as documents such as spec sheets, installation instructions, and warranty information.


See results immediately.

Infor SyteLine CPQ (configurator)’s modular architecture lets you get the right tools into the hands of all your users—right away. All SyteLine ERP solutions require less customization, a short implementation time, and faster time to value. That means an Configurator-Infor-SyteLine-ERP-Manufacturing-Software-PCMimmediate return on your investment. From the very first day, you’ll see improvements in visibility and transparency of data—and in your ability to meet escalating customer demand.

“Making it easy for our distributors to order configured products over the internet is a big step forward since custom configured products represent a large portion of our business.”
– Tom Seymour, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Gorman-Rupp Company



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ERP Manufacturing Software

Manufacturers can now streamline the selling and production of their configured products.

  • Guided product selection
  • Product visualization
  • Product modeling
  • Real-time testing
  • Product pricing


“We completely automated the various rules, constraints, and pricing calculations using straight-forward models – even the ‘asterisks and footnotes’ in our paper price book that sales people would miss.”
- Brenda Shaffer, VP Operations, SELUX

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Infor SyteLine Configurator ensures configured orders are feasible for the production department by providing clear visibility across inventory and schedules.

“We foresee a competitive advantage in our market. Not only will we create efficiencies for us and the distributors, but will also improve our branding as being innovative and forward thinking.”
– Dave Olson, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Ridg-U-Rak