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Manufacturing ERP System White Papers:

Whitepaper - Choosing the Right IoT/IIoT Provider Using Proof of Concept Processes

IIoT or "Industry 4.0" is one of the hottest and most highly rated technologies for manufacturers today. Picking the right partner and solutions provider is paramount to success. As a manufacturer, there’s no doubt you have seen the high levels of information, stories and hype surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things market and the large number of providers that make claims to their expertise in the market.

With the plethora of IIoT providers hawking their wares, the need to have a solid understanding of what the solution provider can bring to the table is critical. PowerPoint and demoware in a market that is rapidly growing is not a way to insure the vendor has a solution that is viable.  The best suppliers will offer to perform a proof of concept (POC) of their system running in your plant, collecting live data from your machines and presenting you with analysis, as well as charts and reports that are drawn from this live data.  The client should not hesitate to challenge the IIoT suppliers to perform such a POC in order to see the actual results. Find out more right now:

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Whitepaper - Four Trends Driving High Tech Manufacturers to Collaborate With Non-High Tech Companies

The lines have been increasingly blurring between high tech and non-high tech manufacturing—in large part due to the proliferation of technology into everyday consumer and business products, coupled with the transformation of society’s infrastructure from pervasive Internet connectivity. This has major implications for how high tech manufacturers operate today and how they’ll need to operate in the future. C-level executives at high tech manufacturing companies need to respond to this shift by transforming their business strategies and operations to effectively collaborate with non-high tech companies.

The first step in managing this transition is to understand the forces driving the integration of high tech manufacturing and other industries. Read on to learn about four trends that are compelling high tech manufacturers to collaborate with non-tech companies, and what manufacturers can do to make the collaboration work:

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Whitepaper - Six Best Practices for High Tech Manufacturers Collaborating with Non-Tech Companies "How To Guide"

There’s been a recent evolution of traditionally non-technical products becoming things that now integrate technology. This has generated a growing collaboration between high tech manufacturers and non-tech companies that need to increase their high tech expertise and capacity. Not only is this driving demand for high tech companies, it’s also creating new business and revenue opportunities.

Here are six best practices to help high tech manufacturers like you make the most of your collaboration with non-tech companies:

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Whitepaper - 10 Things You Should Know About Newly Empowered Automotive Consumers

Power and influence in the automotive industry have dramatically shifted from the companies that make and sell vehicles to the consumers who buy them. As a result, automotive suppliers are being forced to change their business strategies.

Download this Whitepaper to learn 10 critical things related to this market shift.

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Whitepaper - Five Ways to Improve Profitable Growth with New Technologies in High Tech & Electronics

Perhaps more so than with any other industry, high tech and electronics customers consistently demand the latest technologies. This combined with the quick pace of technological advancements, help explain why high tech and electronics manufacturers are “50% more likely [than other manufacturers] to be focused on getting new products to market,” according to LNS Research. With the strains that this constant drive for innovation put on your organization, how do you profitably satisfy customer demand and grow your business?

Here are five ways you can achieve profitable growth when you’re incorporating
new technologies into new and existing products.

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Executive Brief: Five Levels of Manufacturing Collaboration - How to plan and build an effective collaboration platform for the stringent demands of manufacturing

All manufacturers need a richer, deeper collaboration architecture that incorporates broader business functions than newly popular social collaboration tools usually provide. The collaboration process needs to be integral to the overall workflow—not an afterthought. The kind of collaboration system that’s most likely to help manufacturers succeed offers a combination of breadth and power so that the entire process is supported, while retaining enough flexibility to allow the business to respond freely to new situations.

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White Paper: Infor Predicts the Future of Manufacturing - Machine-to-machine connectivity, integrated analysis, mobile, social, cloud to fuel innovation in manufacturing

What does the future hold? As the manufacturing environment continues to change at an astounding rate, ERP solutions must also evolve at an equally aggressive rate in order to meet the new demands and expectations. Keeping an eye on the future is, therefore, essential for the manufacturing executive who wants to make sure the company’s IT infrastructure is up-to-date and aligned with future innovations.

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White Paper: Equipped for Speed - Driving strong profitability throughout the equipment lifecycle

This paper will discuss some of the areas that we at Infor have found can reduce operational costs, boosting your efficiency and your bottom line. Once process improvements are in place, you will be able to focus on driving new revenue streams that can help give you a competitive edge as the economy improves.

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From Nice-to-Have to Necessity: Why companies are getting serious about social business

White Paper - Social media is a loaded term that means different things to different people. Facebook™ and Twitter™ are what spring to mind for most people, along with images of party photos and 140-character musings. But those vehicles are far from where social media ends. The lines between emerging technologies and ones that have become so firmly entrenched that they are now thought of as “traditional” (like email or even instant messaging) are blurring, expanding, and continually changing.

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From Products to Services: Service Excellence as a Strategy to Combat Market Uncertainty

Get an inside look at aftermarket service trends.
IDC Manufacturing Insights conducted a survey sponsored by Infor to find out how equipment manufacturers plan to capitalize on the opportunity that service and the aftermarket presents. The report looks at the ways that service excellence can help combat the market uncertainty of new equipment and machinery sales by providing differentiation, customer value, brand loyalty and, most importantly, high margin revenue.

Download the whitepaper to learn:
-The number one barrier to achieving service excellence
-Why service as a percentage of overall revenue is large and expected to grow
-The top benefits of a service oriented strategy

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The Democratization of Data: How information can give power to your people

Businesses have long viewed information as critical to building a competitive advantage. Without full visibility into your business, how can you know with certainty what’s making it succeed or fail?
This on-going quest for knowledge has been responsible for a tremendous amount of investment and innovation in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics arena.

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Detecting and preventing duplicate invoice payments

White Paper - Duplicate invoice payments occur far more frequently than most organizations realize. On average, approximately 0.1% to 0.05% of invoices paid are typically duplicate payments—which for a medium-size organization with annual costs of $100 million over a three year period, could represent a loss of $300,000.

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Keeping problems private to reduce risk

White Paper - Few provisions of the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulatory Reform Act of 2010 have received as much attention—and caused as much consternation—as those authorizing monetary rewards for corporate whistleblowing. Under Dodd-Frank, company employees who go directly to the SEC with concerns about fraud or other illegal activities can receive a portion of fines, sanctions, and settlements ultimately recovered—as much as 30% of recoveries over $1 million. The first payment under this program was awarded last year on August 21, 2012 to a whistleblower who received nearly $50,000.

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Executive Brief - Production for Profit

White Paper - How you can benefit from an industry-specific, next-generation ERP solution:
Increase profits and reduce costs. Improve productivity to get products to market faster. Streamline processes throughout your organization. React quicker to business changes.
Make decisions faster.

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The 5 point plan to ERP selection success

White Paper - Why you need a new system: Figuring out your business drivers

These days, an ERP system is a necessity—not a luxury. You need a system that helps you operate and manage your business. But what else do you need it to do?
Former Gartner analyst Lee Wylie introduced Enterprise Resource Planning to the world in 1990. Over its 21 year history, ERP software has undergone a significant transformation. While the early systems were purchased and used primarily for financial applications, order management, purchasing, and manufacturing, today’s systems are designed for broad use across your company.

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The new mandate for integrated systems - How printing, packaging, and publishing companies can use technology to keep pace with change

Executive Brief - Traditional reliance on disparate, loosely patched systems and manual processes are preventing companies from keeping pace with market demands and global competition. To take advantage of the new global economy and opportunities to expand market share, companies need to leverage next-generation ERP tools. An end-to-end ERP solution that offers industry-specific functionality and best practices can create a competitive edge.

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The Mobile (R)evolution - Choosing the right road to mobile enablement

White Paper - Mobility is a technology that has quickly become an intimate part of daily life, with adoption and popularity going nowhere but up. Though mobile’s roots may have started in the consumer world, its uses have been spilling over into the business environment for some time now and show no signs of slowing. Employees increasingly expect the technology in their work and personal lives to mirror each other, and companies are anxious to exploit the benefits of mobile enablement. The research firm IDC predicts that worldwide IT spending will be up 5.7% in 2013, with investments in smart mobile devices accounting for nearly 57% of that growth.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights White Paper - Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence

A Call to Action for the Metal Fabrication Industry

White Paper - IDC Manufacturing Insights recently published global research from a survey of 722 manufacturing leaders across eight countries and four industry verticals, namely industrial equipment and machinery, metal fabrication, automotive, and high tech. The resulting white paper — Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence — summarizes the key findings from this survey and provides essential guidance for manufacturers developing their strategies post recession.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights White Paper - Creating Real-Time Collaborative Decision-Making Environments

White Paper - Beating complexity in doing business in manufacturing requires companies to be able to fundamentally and fully exploit all actual and potential information sources to achieve the highest possible level of visibility and intelligence along the value chain.

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The new face of competitiveness for automotive suppliers

Five practical steps to managing the speed of change

White Paper - Worldwide vehicle output is forecast to grow more than 50% over the next 10 years, yet many automotive companies are fighting for survival. Clearly, the market’s bounty is not being divided evenly, largely because many external OEMs and tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers are struggling to adapt to changing pressures and evolve with the market.

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Achieve Operational Excellence by Making Better Decisions

White Paper - Complexity—particularly market complexity—will most likely increase over the next three years. To better manage processes and deliver operational improvements, you need to simplify the impact of this complexity. Manufacturers ranked as best-in-class in a recent Aberdeen Group enterprise resource planning (ERP) benchmarking report listed “streamline and accelerate processes to improve efficiency and productivity” as their number one strategy.

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Infor 10x - Specialized by industry

eBrief - Finding an edge for your business is far from easy. Progress is often of the one-small-step variety, rather than the giant leap that companies need to put some distance between themselves and the competition. It’s enough to make you wonder–is settling for less becoming the new normal?

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How food & beverage companies gain competitive advantage

The importance of implementing a least-cost formulation strategy

White Paper - In the food & beverage (F&B) industry, you’re only as good as your formulas. While that’s been true for a long time, what constituted a winning formula strategy in the past no longer makes the grade. F&B companies face greater business pressures today than they did just a few years ago. The new environment is characterized by rising commodity costs, retailer price pressure, and tighter regulations. Consumers are playing a role, too, as they demand more nutritional value and the use of ingredients they deem safer and better for the environment.

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 6 Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget

 White Paper - This white paper provides the 6 steps for linking a high-level business plan to the company's budget through Infor PM Strategic Management, Infor's Business Performance Management tool. A plan cannot be executed without a budget and is difficult to measure without an effective tool. Learn the proven process that empowers Fortune 500 companies to outperform the competition. The Infor PM Strategic Management white paper includes:

  • best practices in strategic & operational planning
  • process for linking strategy to the budget
  • cause-and-effect visibility and the role of technology

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Achieving Lean Success - A Process Industry Perspective

The term "lean" is most often associated with production and the plant floor side of manufacturing. This white paper discusses the importance of implementing lean practices throughout all aspects of the organization from finance to marketing and production to customer service, both internally and externally. In addition, learn how the implementation of lean practices is more than just implementing new technology; it is about changing the culture of an organization. Discover how taking a holistic approach will produce more significant results for both the company and the customer.

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Dealing With Chaos: 4 Steps to Manufacturing Success

Is your manufacturing organization prepared for the impact of unexpected changes or shifts in demand, supply, costs, availability of materials, market conditions, or interest rates? While manufacturers and distributors have embraced the Lean philosophy to great benefit in improved performance, shorter lead-times, better quality and lowered costs, these tight controls leave companies more vulnerable to supply disruptions, production problems, quality issues, and abrupt changes in demand which are often times impacted by external changes.

In this white paper, learn 4 steps that help manufacturers deal with chaos and react to change while continuing lean practices that reduce operational costs, increase cash flow and company value, and allow global growth.

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Five Ways to Positively Impact Customer Retention and Business Operations

Like most businesses today, manufacturers face a variety of factors that can impact the performance of their companies. Many of these business variables are beyond an organization's control, such as the rising cost of energy and materials, global competition, and the introduction of new regulatory mandates. But they all directly impact the cost of goods sold, influence the final price, and continually put financial performance in jeopardy. How a company responds to these factors can also impact long-term customer satisfaction and retention. This white paper reveals 5 ways that you can positively impact customer retention and business operations.

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How Do Enterprising Manufacturers Stay Ahead of the Compliance Game?

In today's society, keeping up with the increasing number of government mandates for regulatory compliance can be difficult and expensive. This white paper provides a 3-dimensional look at how manufacturers who turn risk management and compliance into a proactive process stay ahead of the competition. Through integrated solutions such as Infor ERP and Infor EAM, manufacturers can better manage their processes, reduce costs and build credibility with customers.

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The Seven Keys to World Class Manufacturing

There are seven keys to becoming a world-class manufacturer that distill broad concepts into specific actions that can be addressed and accomplished in your company. The keys to becoming a world-class manufacturer are not a secret - they are not even especially profound - they are simply a distillation of the experiences of leading companies and how they have managed to excel in their chosen markets. Being world class is all about being as good as any competitor in the world, and just a little bit better, quicker, smarter, or more responsive than the rest. Read more to see how your company can become and remain world class.

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Top Reasons Why eKanban Should be a Key Element of Your Lean Manufacturing Plan

eKanban is a modern-day approach to the traditional Kanban card-based tracking system of managing inventory and shop-floor operations. The eKanban system provides real-time visibility into the manufacturing process, resulting in a more efficient and leaner operation. Discover 10 reasons manufacturers should implement eKanban.

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ERP Manufacturing Software: On-Demand Webinars

5 Ways to Transform your Business using SyteLine ERP (PDF of Slides)

5 Ways to Transform your Business using SyteLine ERP (WMV Slideshow)

Why Lean, Why Now On-Demand Webinar

Tempting for manufacturing companies to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Yet many strategically-focused companies are driving out waste and positioning themselves for economic recovery. NOW is the time to identify waste, eliminate the root causes of problems, and implement processes so that improvements are truly sustained. Godlan's Lean Initiative for discrete manufacturers does just this. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how others are driving out waste, succeeding in these tough times, and positioning. Note: The WebEx ARF player is required to playback the recording.

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ERP Manufacturing Software: Brochures

ERP Manufacturing Software Brochures: Infor SyteLine ERP

Infor SyteLine ERP: Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Infor SyteLine ERP Advanced Planning & Scheduling (for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software) helps companies achieve dramatic results quickly-results such as an increase in on-time performance by up to 99%, and a reduction in overall inventory, lead times, and makespans by 50% or more. To meet your lean manufacturing goals-to do more and more with less and less-lean planning capabilities are vital. With the right technology support, lean planning can help you meet your goals of world-class manufacturing performance. Infor SyteLine ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling delivers.

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Infor SyteLine ERP: Cloud Deployment

SyteLine ERP manufacturing software is available as a cloud solution. Infor SyteLine ERP CloudSuite takes advantage of advanced cloud computing technology to extend and expand the power of Infor SyteLine ERP to any location you want, with no involvement from your IT staff.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Configurator

No matter how complex your multi-site, global scenario, you must be able to respond quickly and accurately to customer demand. That includes producing customized products on the tightest of schedules to the most stringent customer specifications. It's simply what the marketplace has come to expect these days. Enterprising manufacturers not only meet the expectations, they exceed them with unprecedented speed and agility. The key is having the right technology support for guided, customized product configuration at the point of sale, helping you simplify your selling processes and meet your commitments to your customers. This can be accomplished with Infor SyteLine ERP Configurator.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Doc-Trak

With SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, you'll not only avoid wasting time, money, and materials, you'll reduce the massive amount of effort your people spend every day dealing with paper based documents. Also, with accurate, instant information your staff and your managers will make more informed decisions and keep your company competitive. Go green and make paperless manufacturing a reality with Infor SyteLine Doc-Trak for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Forecasting

Infor SyteLine Forecasting automates the process of calculating and monitoring the "inventory drivers" (forecasts, safety stocks, and order size). This allows you to keep your inventory low and prevent shortages. Forecast thousands of items in minutes based on statistical projection or forecast based on customer collaboration. Create or adjust forecasts by groups and be alerted when actual demand varies from the plan. Infor SyteLine Forecasting for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software is a great solution for make-to-order manufacturers, since it handles forecasting of sellable items or the components and considers varying demand.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Mobile Field Service

Seamlessly extend the power of SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software to the field, in real time, by outfitting your technicians with mobile technology - like wireless handheld devices and laptops - and Infor SyteLine ERP Mobile Field Service. You'll also bridge the costly gap between your back office and the field. The mobile technology revolution won't wait for you. There's never been a more critical or profitable time to extend your information solutions to every member of your field force.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Quality Control Solution

Infor SyteLine Quality Control Solution (for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software) supports quality activities relating to receiving, manufacturing, shipping and returns.To truly make quality every employee's responsibility, you first must have efficient and effective quality management tools. The Infor SyteLine Quality Control Solution delivers the capabilities you need to make quality management an integral part of the daily responsibilities of everyone connected with your business. The solution blends first-rate quality control into the ERP manufacturing software functions that help you run your enterprise, so quality management becomes central to your company's culture.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Shipping & Logistics

Infor SyteLine Shipping & Logistics (for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software) helps accelerate and simplify the picking, packing, and shipping processes for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and highly repetitive manufacturing companies. Infor SyteLine Shipping & Logistics can enhance your business performance and results in many ways, including:

  • Fewer errors
  • Lower costs
  • New, enhanced services
  • Improved customer service
  • On-time delivery

Infor SyteLine ERP: Shop-Trak

Achieve world-class manufacturing execution and improve labor productivity with Infor SyteLine Shop-Trak. SyteLine ERP Shop-Trak improves quality at every step of your manufacturing process. By adding our specialized shop floor document management system, Infor SyteLine Shop-Trak, you'll ensure that your workers have the latest, most accurate documentation for every task.

Infor SyteLine ERP: SytePlan

Manage your sales and operations planning process with Infor SyteLine SytePlan for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software. With Infor SyteLine SytePlan, you'll improve your ability to:

  • Develop a plan for sales by dollars or units, according to product group, customer type, or territory.
  • Compare plans to forecasts, shipments, backlog, or WIP, and identify supply issues.
  • Project sales and inventory through month-end.
  • Analyze rough-cut capacity needs, on-time performance, and inventory turn.
  • Track changes in your forecast over time and compare that to actual sales.
  • Analyze margin by customer, product, or territory.

Infor SyteLine ERP: Functionality

This datasheet provides a comprehensive overview of Infor SyteLine ERP functionality. See how this enterprise solution spans the manufacturing business including:

  • Design
  • Sell
  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Service
  • Finance

Infor SyteLine ERP: WorkBench Suite

Get more done by focusing on the big picture and polishing off the details with Infor SyteLine WorkBench Suite (for SyteLine ERP manufacturing software). You'll get a single, consolidated screen that pulls together the data that matters most and organizes it for quick, effective action. In an age when information drives nearly every business decision, you can save lots of time by using a tool that consolidates all the information you need and puts it in one place.

Infor SyteLine ERP Overview

Personalize your SyteLine manufacturing erp system, focus on your work, and be confident you've got the right erp manufacturing software and support team for the job...all with Infor SyteLine ERP, a manufacturing ERP system. Infor SyteLine ERP facts at a glance:

  • Developed by experts in discrete manufacturing
  • More than 25 years of experience built in
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Embedded best practices and process flows
  • Familiar Microsoft tools and navigation
  • Automatic upgrades of customizations
  • A solution that works for you

ERP Manufacturing Software Brochures: Industry Specific

Infor Discrete Manufacturing Essentials

Whether single plant or multinational enterprise, discrete manufacturing is a balancing act today. The strategic, operational, and financial sides of organizations that make distinct items such as automobiles, appliances, computers, and the like all must support one another as never before-working together to achieve new levels of company valuation, customer satisfaction, growth, innovation, profitability, and reduced costs. Not an easy challenge, especially in the face of pressures like fixed IT budgets, mixed-mode manufacturing environments, and a customer and supplier base that continues to grow more complex and global. Lean manufacturing is critical. So is optimized resource management, now that you're doing more with less. The key is having the right information technology partner to enable your world-class business processes and support your business-specific requirements.

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing

Effective supply chain synchronization is vital to stay competitive and meet customer requirements, but at the end of the day the true measure of success is how well your manufacturing plants perform. Within those four walls, you can't afford anything less than optimum flexibility and agility, with systems that support the smooth flow of information and materials through all your operations. Lean manufacturing is the key to efficiency, supporting mixed modes of production to help you be as responsive to changing customer demand as you need to be. The manufacturing capabilities of Infor SyteLineERP make it possible.

Infor Metal Fabrication Essentials

For companies that manufacture fabricated metal parts for other industrial companies, responsiveness to changing markets must be your most important priority. Profitability depends not only on technical expertise, but also on the efficiency of your manufacturing operations and your flexibility to move where your customers go, even if that means setting up new operations and processes overseas. You must meet the challenges of variable demand cycles and growing competition, as well as new materials, new production methods, and more sophisticated final products. Large inventories of raw materials and semi-finished product, as well as fluctuating raw material costs, intensify the challenges in a lean-driven world. Handling toxic materials and workplace safety issues are growing concerns. The key is an extended, collaborative ERP solution that helps you keep margins low and customer satisfaction high.

Vertical Industry Program for Fabricated Metals

Infor and IBM offer a Vertical Industry Program (VIP) for metal fabricators. VIP brings together Infor's market-leading ERP capabilities (Infor SyteLine ERP) and the latest IBM System x and BladeCenter server technology in a low-risk, easy-to-implement solution designed to meet the specific needs of metal fabricators. Metal fabricators need an integrated business system that can help them become more responsive to their customers, improve productivity, operate without interruption, and secure data and systems. Combining open, industry standards with deep business experience and renowned research, the IBM X-Architecture blueprint equips System x and BladeCenter servers with innovative technology that makes IT easier and more reliable. You get proactive tools that help you manage complexity and support the growth of your business and data center, as well as capabilities that help you become more efficient so you can go green and start saving. These enterprise servers, blade servers, modular servers and solutions are open, easy, and green and offer innovation that can help set you apart from the competition.

ERP Manufacturing Software: Godlan Customer Profiles

Hundreds of Godlan customers are using Infor SyteLine ERP software to manage the operational functions of their business. These customer profiles are just a few examples of how Infor SyteLine ERP is helping companies run more efficiently, reduce costs, increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Featured Profiles

Patterson Pump Company

Around the globe, wherever liquid moves in large volume or at high pressure, you will find Patterson heavy-duty pumps and packaged systems. The world comes to Patterson for HVAC and fire suppression technology, meeting pumping demand in water supply, irrigation, flood prevention and wastewater treatment, and industrial solutions. All departments use SyteLine to better meet their individual goals, and it has also helped Patterson set standards for delivery and quality that few can match in their industry. Furthermore, Patterson continues to grow shipments and revenue without adding additional support staffing.

Smith Brothers Select SyteLine ERP to Manage Growing Furniture Operations

For over 80 years, Smith Brothers of Berne has built a reputation for crafting fine residential furniture designed to last for generations. A recognized industry leader, Smith Brothers is home to nearly 250 employees who are focused on producing quality products locally-all Smith Brothers furniture is made with pride in America. Using a balance of state-of-the-art equipment and traditional techniques, Smith Brothers produces over 60,000 fabric and leather pieces each year, selling to retail stores in over 30 states and in Canada.

Other Profiles

AccuSpec Electronics

AccuSpec Electronics, LLC (AccuSpec) is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company serving the industrial, medical, military, and aerospace markets. AccuSpec's customers range from Fortune 500 companies to smaller industrial companies and occasionally start-ups. To thrive in an increasingly competitive global market, AccuSpec realized that it needed to improve its on-time delivery rate of less than 50 percent for completed assemblies. This low rate was due to ever- changing order request dates and quantities, and a vendor base with an on-time delivery in the upper 80 percent range. The company decided that it needed a more dynamic manufacturing system providing improvements in customer management tools, material management processes, job and shop-floor control, bill-of-material (BOM) management, and sourcing of alternate parts. AccuSpec Electronics implemented SyteLine ERP manufacturing software to meet their needs.


Artistree manufactures art and framing products and is a distribution center for over 1,100 Michaels and Aaron Brothers stores in the US and Canada. The implemented solution included Infor's SyteLine ERP manufacturing software and Godlan's InSync Anywhere software with its ability to wirelessly retrieve or transact business data anytime and anywhere. This solution and resulting streamlined processes have helped Artistree speed its products to customers by automating front office and shop floor tasks.

Carlton Taylor Industries (CTI)

Carlton Taylor Industries Limited (CTI) is the market leader in metalwork solutions for the electronics, electrical and a wide variety of other industries in New Zealand and Australia. Its leading design, manufacturing, finishing and assembly services combine with world class technology in metal fabrication, aluminum diecasting and precision CNC machining to provide total metalwork solutions-the majority made to customer specification-for large OEM customers in the region. CTI chose SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, a solution that met three critical qualities: it could be fully integrated, was easy to install and came with strong local support.

Cherasia Limited

The commissioning of a new factory in Zhuhai City, China, and a corporate plan to shift more manufacturing to China were behind Cherasia Limited's decision to implement InforSyteLine ERP, a manufacturing ERP system. This flexible manufacturing ERP system supports the manufacturing and business operations of the industry leader, providing unprecedented information processing speed and accuracy. The Infor software deployment is a pilot project for the implementation of Syteline ERP manufacturing software worldwide.

Colonial Mills, Inc. (CMI)

Colonial Mills, Inc. (CMI) is the leading manufacturer of braided-texture rugs and accessories in the United States. Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the company distributes throughout the country to major retail customers and also drop-ships orders directly to consumers from Internet sites. As CMI began facing more foreign competition and increasing pressure to lower prices, the company believed it needed to upgrade its manufacturing ERP system to maintain its market position as industry leader in on-time shipment and low turnaround time on orders to shipment.

DRB-HICOM Automotive

DRB-HICOM Berhad is one of Malaysia's leading companies, operating in three business segments: automotive, property and construction, and services. DRB-HICOM Automotive engages in the design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, sale, and distribution of motor and military vehicles, including the sale of spare parts and services, through a number of subsidiary companies. Four of DRB-HICOM Automotive's main profit-making companies-HICOM Honda Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, HICOM Diecastings Sdn Bhd, HICOM Engineering Sdn Bhd, and HICOM Yamaha Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd-were selected for a project in which the Infor SyteLine ERP manufacturing system was implemented to improve customer service; inventory management; the accuracy, visibility, and communication of information; and the division's competitive position.


Herman Miller

With operations in more than 40 countries, Herman Miller is a leading global manufacturer of office and domestic working environment furniture. The company maintains manufacturing and distribution centers in North America, the UK, and Asia, and sales offices, dealers, and licensees in North America, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Herman Miller implemented SyteLine ERP manufacturing software internationally to drive integrated production and supply. The SyteLine manufacturing ERP system is integrated with e-procurement in the US to keep inventory low and reduce the time taken to purchase components needed for manufacture. Herman Miller also uses the multi-lingual capabilities of SyteLine and participates in an upgrade program to the latest SOA-based version of Infor.

Infor ERP Customer Success Kit

Also see the Infor ERP Customer Success Kit featuring manufacturing customers that use Infor SyteLine ERP, Learn how:

  • DRB-HICOM improved on-time supplier delivery performance from 40 percent to more than 60 percent.
  • Superior Fastening now has greater control over its operations through enhanced visibility.
  • Cherasia Limited runs a one-year MRP forecast in about 3 minutes.
  • CPAC increased net income over 200 percent per year with Infor ERP SyteLine.

Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Machinery

Komatsu specializes in companies that manufacture construction machinery, industrial machinery, transportation and logistics machinery and metals, and also operates in high tech fields such as electronic engineering and software. Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd manufactures and sells construction machinery and spare parts, such as Komatsu WA series loaders, PC series hydraulic diggers, and off-highway dump trucks. The company's operational philosophy is "clients and quality before everything else." Komatsu chose SyteLine ERP manufacturing software for all its overseas branches as a solution to the problem of complex Bills of Materials (BOM) and highly-personalized product requirements.

New Scale Technologies, Inc.

New Scale Technologies, Inc. is a global manufacturer of disruptively small ultrasonic motors. Headquartered near Rochester, New York, the company was founded in 2002 to capture emerging opportunities for smaller consumer products, automated biomedical instruments, and nanotechnology research. New Scale invents, manufactures, and sells miniature ceramic motors and positioning systems using patented piezoelectric designs. New Scale Technologies implemented the SyteLine ERP manufacturing software system to capture, analyze, and efficiently distribute the information necessary to better understand its cost structure, manufacturing variances, and manufacturing resources. New Scale Technologies is currently using a broad range of the SyteLine ERP manufacturing software's capabilities, including material requirements planning, manufacturing planning, projects, and quality management.

Ramsey Products Corporation Shines with SyteLine ERP

Ramsey Products manufactures and supports the world's widest range of standard and custom designed silent chains and sprockets for industrial applications, including conveyor systems and power generation. Ramsey uses SyteLine to complete many of its primary business functions efficiently, allowing for more streamlined operations. The company benefits from seamless order management with order tracking features and also controls manufacturing processes via job tracking. And, Ramsey runs its entire payroll through SyteLine. With useful reports, Ramsey knows where they stand, and they can also make educated decisions based on the latest trends in their operations.


Rapid-Line is a full service metal fabrication and tool and die job shop that is ISO-9001:2000 certified with a flexible, technology driven resource base, a skilled workforce, modern information systems and an active continuous improvement effort. According to Rapid-Line's customer service manager, one of the biggest advantages of the SyteLine manufacturing ERP system has been its ability to integrate information from quotes through shipping. In their old system, employees often created stand-alone word processing or spreadsheet documents and frequently needed to double-enter information into different systems. Now, all employees have access to the same information. SyteLine ERP manufacturing software has also meant a more efficient working environment.

Superior Fastening Technology Limited

The evolution from local screw manufacturer into international fastening provider involves more than building state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Superior Fastening Technology Limited, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fasteners and metallic accessories for the electrical and electronics industries, sees the recently implemented Infor SyteLine ERP, a manufacturing ERP system, as a foundation for the company's further expansion into international markets. With four sites live on SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, Superior is enjoying the early benefits of running the integrated solution: better customer service, increased accuracy, time savings, greater control, user satisfaction, and a competitive advantage.