ERP Manufacturing Software Success Profiles

Hundreds of Godlan customers are using Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP software to manage the operational functions of their business. These customer profiles are just a few examples of how Infor SyteLine ERP is helping companies run more efficiently, reduce costs, increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Featured Profiles:

The Worden Group Unifies Business Systems with Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP, CPQ, and CRM in One Environment

Godlan Customer Success Profile - The Worden Group - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP, Infor CPQ, Infor CRMThe Worden Group has spent over 60 years figuring out what works best in study environments. They specialize in designing and manufacturing tables, study carrels, computer stations, shelving, end panels, circulation desks and seating. But their real work is making the kind of space that invites people in, supports the way they work, and stands up to a generation of use. They combine their deep knowledge of the industry with time-honed skills and technology to create innovative, inviting solutions for any space or purpose. wordencompany.com

“CloudSuite Industrial has allowed us to grow substantially this year without significant increase in resources, and managing customers through the Opportunities module (Infor CRM) is allowing us to see a clear picture of our Sales funnel and help us understand areas where we can grow.”
— Kyle Meyers, Master Scheduler/ERP Administrator, The Worden Group

“CPQ has cut down on engineering time and allows us to easily accommodate customer requested modifications. APS has proven powerful in keeping our shop floor working on the right product at the right time while helping us be aggressive with our commitments to our customers. Godlan has been a delight to work with, their staff is very professional and very responsive, and they were patient as we strove to develop our people internally to successfully launch CloudSuite.”
— Kyle Meyers, Master Scheduler/ERP Administrator, The Worden Group

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Arnold Machine Centralizes Information with CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) in Preparation for Current and Future Growth

Godlan Customer Success Profile - Arnold Machine - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP In 1994 Arnold Machine began as a two-person shop that provided companies with custom machining and fabrication services. We now operate out of a centrally-located 75,000 square-foot facility in Tiffin, Ohio that allows us to accommodate the immense growth we have experienced in the past two decades. Our first-rate facility gives us the ability to customize equipment for our local, regional and national clients. Arnold Machine offers full-service design and manufacturing services to clients who need custom automated systems integrated into their manufacturing lines. Our team of experienced engineers, manufacturers, programmers, electricians and machine tradesmen can design, build and customize virtually any type of automated equipment to your exact specifications.

“The growth that AMI has had in the past several years showed redundancy in our processes.  It also became apparent that we were not getting all the information that we needed without having to use several different programs.  We needed one system that could give us accurate data and grow with us.”
— Zach Arnold, President, Arnold Machine

“Godlan took the time to learn the needs we have as a changing, growing company.  There are other ERP systems that talk a good talk but at the end of the day cannot deliver.  Godlan came and learned all about how we operate on a day to day basis.  They executed it so we could see how this will work for us and how the company as a whole can grow with the knowledge Infor will give us.”
— Maggie Schade, ERP Systems Coordinator, Arnold Machine

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Dexter Research Experiences a Successful and Smooth ERP Implementation with Godlan

Godlan Customer Success Profile - Dexter Research - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP & CPQSince 1977, Dexter Research has been the preferred provider of infrared thermopile detectors for science and industry. Today we offer the world's largest selection of thermopile-based solutions including high-quality, high-output Bismuth-Antimony thin film and silicon-based infrared-sensing thermopile detectors. We offer standard detectors in high volumes. We also customize detectors for specific needs. Integrated modules serve as complete sensing subsystems. Customers in scientific research, automotive, aerospace, home appliances, security systems, medical equipment, and more now rely on Dexter Research for the highest-performance detectors.

“Our experience with Godlan was very positive. Our lead implementation engineer was outstanding, he clearly knew the software and was very patient and accommodated our specific business processes. Our project came in under budget.”
— Cory Ziegler, CFO, Dexter Research Center, Inc

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Moeller Aerospace Chooses CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP and Reaps Instant Benefits

Godlan Customer Success Profile - Moeller Aerospace - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP & CPQMoeller Manufacturing Company - Aerospace Division is a manufacturing facility specializing in machined parts for the gas turbine aircraft engine and power generation industries. Moeller Products are found on virtually every commercial and military aircraft operated in the United States, and numerous other fleets worldwide. Our management's values are demonstrated by a history of over 65 years of investing in the right people, reinvesting in the business, and servicing our customers with honesty and integrity. Our ownership and management is committed to foster these same values in our employees so they will continue this tradition and ensure our success in the future.

“SyteLine is very simple, it works great, and I believe our employees will be thrilled as they are more exposed to it.”
— Justin Smith, Controller, Moeller Aerospace

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Daniels Manufacturing Explains Why They are Long Term CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP Users and How They Envision Future Growth with SyteLine

Godlan Customer Success Profile - Daniels Manufacturin - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP & CPQDaniels Manufacturing Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of Connector Assembly Tooling for the Aerospace, Military and Telecom industries. Daniels’ products have been used on practically every Defense System, Aircraft Program, Land or Sea Going Transport System, and Space Exploration Program over the last six decades.  Daniels offers over 8,000 standard products that may be purchased from their online store, as well as the ability to provide specialized tooling.  These products include manual, battery powered, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic tools and kits. www.dmctools.com

“It (SyteLine) allows us better visibility over our manufacturing processes and control over costs and meeting manufacturing delivery times.”
— Scott Frankenfield, IT Manager, Daniels Manufacturing

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Sportsman Boats Continues Their Meteoric Rise with Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP and CPQ

Godlan Customer Success Profile - Sportsman Boats - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP & CPQSportsman Boats manufactures an intelligently designed series of center consoles and bay boats. Founded by two legendary boat builders with over 50 years of combined experience, making some of the most recognized brands in the industry, Sportsman Boats began with only 6 employees and 20,000 sq. ft. of leased space, launching its’ first hull in February 2012. Since then, Sportsman has enjoyed an unprecedented, meteoric rise, ranked second nationally in retail registrations for their market segment, passing competitors that have been in business for decades. Now employing nearly 200 people in their own facility, Sportsman began expansion mid-2015 to have over 200,000 sq. ft. www.sportsmanboatsmfg.com

Godlan was dead on with budget & timeframe. The original Godlan consultant who performed most of our implementation still calls to check on us, excellent service!
— Brett Wilson, Director of Finance, Sportsman Boats

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 Fabco-Air Saves Over 4400 Customer Service Hours Per Year with Infor CPQ

Godlan Customer Success Profile - Fabco-Air - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERPFabco-Air was founded in 1958 by Alfred W. Schmidt in Cleveland, Ohio. Best known for our Pancake® cylinder, the product line has grown extensively. Fabco-Air's facility includes more than 61,000 sq. ft, including in-house engineering, production, and assembly. Between Bill Schmidt (President), Scot LaMar (Vice President), and George Edwards (Chief Engineer), Fabco has a combined work experience of 128 years driving innovation. About 45% of their business is special products designed to customer specifications, and their engineering staff is ready to assist customers in custom designs and any technical aspect of their business. They also have full CAD support, available in 2D or 3D, downloadable from their web site. www.fabco-air.com

Infor Configure Price Quote has made Fabco-Air more responsive to customers and at the same time drastically reduced our cost of order estimating - a win for our customers and us.
— Mike Russell, IT Administrator, Fabco-Air Inc.

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Creative Merchandising Systems Upgrades Entire Network Infrastructure and Positions for Growth with Godlan and CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP

Godlan Customer Success Profile - CMS Creative Merchandising Systems - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERPCreative Merchandising Systems, Inc. (CMS) is known for their quality, eye-catching display fixtures for supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty wine and retail environments. CMS's extensive product line, designed by in-house engineers, is built to be both attractive and durable. They strive to offer high-quality products, superior customer service, short lead times and on-time delivery to every customer. CMS is flexible in offering custom designs and manufacturing for projects with unique and/or specific requirements. www.cmsdisplays.com

“As a private equity backed company, one of the most important goals was to implement an ERP software solution that would not only replace our outdated Legacy software, but could provide companywide integration and reporting,” said Eli Crotzer, CEO, ARCH Global Precision.

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ARCH Global Precision Finds Multi-Company Support & Financial Consolidation in One Environment with SyteLine ERP

Godlan Customer Success Profile - ARCH Global Precision -  Infor SyteLine ERP

ARCH Global Precision was formed by a privately held equity group in 2011. Their focus is on acquiring companies that manufacture precision machined components, and precision cutting tools and instruments. This strategy has created an environment of organic development projects and acquisitions of complementary businesses that have evolved into strong brands with strong customer bases. www.archglobalprecision.com

“We are very impressed with CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) and its abilities. We knew we could get away with a lesser solution, but would have to switch in 4 years due to growth. SyteLine will support us for many years as we continue to grow,” said Michael Smith, EVP, Creative Merchandising Systems.

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Laser Mechanisms Selects SyteLine ERP for Function & Fit

Godlan Customer Success Profile H&H Tube Infor SyteLine ERP

Founded in 1980, Laser Mechansims, Inc. is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of laser beam delivery components and articulated arm systems for high power CO2, YAG, Fiber laser and other wavelengths to suit all facets of industrial applications.  www.lasermech.com

“SyteLine ERP gives our portfolio of companies the ability to share inventory while allowing us to report a full set of financials down to the individual division level. Our purchase decision was influenced heavily by the function of the software and the knowledge of the implementation partner.”  
— Brian McCloskey, Director of Business Systems, Laser Mechanisms

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creative werks, llc Relies on SyteLine ERP to Manage Goods & Support Objectives

Godlan Customer Success Profile creative werks Infor SyteLine ERP

The creative werks team brings over 50 years of experience and entrepreneurial energy to their state-of-the-art manufacturing, co-packing, and design facility. They maintain over 550,000 square feet of SQF 2000 Level 3 food-grade manufacturing space to provide both labor-intensive and automated fulfillment for a wide array of Fortune 500 companies. Their clients value their extensive knowledge of retailers and consumers, as well as their high manufacturing, co-packing, and quality standards. Combined with the creativity of their professional design group, creative werks offers a unique turnkey advantage to companies looking for innovative packaging solutions from concept to market.  www.cwerksglobal.com

“We use the best ERP product in the industry, and our customers are receiving first-rate service. We are a leader in food safety so investing in technology that helps with this initiative is a necessary step. Godlan has been an important partner with us on this initiative.”
— Colleen Coyle, Marketing Manager, creative werks

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H&H Tube Enhances Data Access & Customer Satisfaction with Infor SyteLine ERP

Godlan Customer Success Profile H&H Tube Infor SyteLine ERP

An industry leader in tubular redraw and fabrication for over 80 years, H & H Tube engineers products for industrial manufacturing and distribution to a wide range of industries. From standard straight lengths to refrigeration coils to tight tolerance cutting to hydroforming, H & H can manufacture any custom part.
H & H focuses on the needs of its customers, providing quality products,    on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer service – a philosophy that is paramount to the company’s success.  www.h-htube.com

“Upgrading a software system can be intimidating, but Godlan has far exceeded our expectations in helping us with the implementation and ensuring a trouble-free transition. They are willing to share, teach, and train – wonderful service!”
— Sandy Gorcyca, IT Manager, H & H Tube

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Metcam Continues Growth with Successful SyteLine ERP Implementation by Godlan

Godlan Customer Success Profile Metcam metal fabrication Infor SyteLine ERP Metcam is a precision fabricator of custom sheet metal products for industries such as telecommunications, HVAC, electronics, food service, and others. Supported by mechanical and electromechanical assembly and logistics programs, Metcam’s advanced metalworking capabilities include laser cutting, punching, forming, hardware insertion, welding, powder painting, silkscreen, and assembly. Metcam, an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 registered company, proudly serves a world-class customer base and is the recipient of environmental awards and recognitions.

“SyteLine has been around for many years, and we felt confident choosing a product with a successful track record. Plus, it offers what we really need - a support path into the future.”
— Bob Cheek, IT/ERP Manager, Metcam

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Patterson Pump Company

Godlan Customer Success Profile Patterson Pump Infor SyteLine ERP Around the globe, wherever liquid moves in large volume or at high pressure, you will find Patterson heavy-duty pumps and packaged systems. The world comes to Patterson for HVAC and fire suppression technology, meeting pumping demand in water supply, irrigation, flood prevention and wastewater treatment, and industrial solutions. All departments use SyteLine to better meet their individual goals, and it has also helped Patterson set standards for delivery and quality that few can match in their industry. Furthermore, Patterson continues to grow shipments and revenue without adding additional support staffing.

Forkardt Upgrades Easily with Infor SyteLine ERP

Godlan Customer Success Profile Patterson Pump Infor SyteLine ERP

Forkardt supplies a wide-range of workholding solutions to a diversified manufacturing market. Utilizing the combined strengths of Forkardt, N.A. Woodworth, Logansport, SP, and Sheffer Collet, Forkardt has the product and experience necessary to meet the needs of today’s intricate designs and stringent quality requirements.

As a world leader in engineered workholding solutions, Forkardt has facilities in Europe, North America, and China, as well as representation in South America, India and Japan. Forkardt takes pride in working closely with its customers in providing quality products and ongoing satisfaction. www.forkardt.us

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Smith Brothers Select SyteLine ERP to Manage Growing Furniture Operations

Smith Brothers of Berne Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP For over 80 years, Smith Brothers of Berne has built a reputation for crafting fine residential furniture designed to last for generations. A recognized industry leader, Smith Brothers is home to nearly 250 employees who are focused on producing quality products locally-all Smith Brothers furniture is made with pride in America. Using a balance of state-of-the-art equipment and traditional techniques, Smith Brothers produces over 60,000 fabric and leather pieces each year, selling to retail stores in over 30 states and in Canada.

Other Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Success Stories:


Rieke Packaging Systems Uses Infor10x Technology and SyteLine ERP

Artistree Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Rieke Packaging Systems is a world class manufacturer of closures and dispensing systems for the global market and committed to Innovation. They are using Infor10x technology and SyteLine solution to create standard processes around the world, provide global visibility to inventory and review and analyze customer buying patterns.


AccuSpec Electronics achieved over 400% ROI

AccuSpec Electronics, LLC (AccuSpec) is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company serving the industrial, medical, military, and aerospace markets. AccuSpec's customers range from Fortune 500 companies to smaller industrial companies and occasionally start-ups. To thrive in an increasingly competitive global market, AccuSpec realized that it needed to improve its on-time delivery rate of less than 50 percent for completed assemblies. This low rate was due to ever- changing order request dates and quantities, and a vendor base with an on-time delivery in the upper 80 percent range. The company decided that it needed a more dynamic manufacturing system providing improvements in customer management tools, material management processes, job and shop-floor control, bill-of-material (BOM) management, and sourcing of alternate parts. AccuSpec Electronics implemented SyteLine ERP manufacturing software to meet their needs.


Artistree Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Artistree manufactures art and framing products and is a distribution center for over 1,100 Michaels and Aaron Brothers stores in the US and Canada. The implemented solution included Infor's SyteLine ERP manufacturing software and Godlan's InSync Anywhere software with its ability to wirelessly retrieve or transact business data anytime and anywhere. This solution and resulting streamlined processes have helped Artistree speed its products to customers by automating front office and shop floor tasks.

Carlton Taylor Industries (CTI)

Carlton Taylor Industries Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Carlton Taylor Industries Limited (CTI) is the market leader in metalwork solutions for the electronics, electrical and a wide variety of other industries in New Zealand and Australia. Its leading design, manufacturing, finishing and assembly services combine with world class technology in metal fabrication, aluminum diecasting and precision CNC machining to provide total metalwork solutions-the majority made to customer specification-for large OEM customers in the region. CTI chose SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, a solution that met three critical qualities: it could be fully integrated, was easy to install and came with strong local support.

Gloucester Engineering

Gloucester Engineering Soars with Infor SyteLine in the Cloud Gloucester Engineering Co. (GEC) has been a global leader in advancing quality and production limits in the plastics extrusion and converting market. The company offers a range of innovative systems and components for new lines and retrofits, providing applications that include blown and cast film extrusion, foam and sheet extrusion, bag making, and extrusion coating equipment.

“Infor ERP Business in the cloud gives us the scalability to support future growth without forcing us to increase our IT and administrative costs. Having data in the cloud enables us to focus on our core business and leave system and hardware administration and backup to Infor.”
—Adrian King, CFO, Gloucester Engineering

Brentwood Industries

Brentwood Industries improves decision time, customer service with Infor SyteLine Brentwood Industries, founded in 1965, is based in Reading, Pennsylvania and boasts a history of excellence in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality thermoformed plastic products. The company is a leading supplier for manufacturing customers in the cooling tower, water/waste water, transportation, agricultural, battery, medical, lawn and garden, construction, and electronics industries.

"Five minutes after an event on the shop floor, we're able to make decisions based on the data."
—Kenneth Kemp, IT Manager, Brentwood Industries

Trigon Holding trims paper and costs with Infor SyteLine

Trigon Holding trims paper and costs with Infor SyteLine Trigon Holding Inc, through its FPD Company division, manufactures forged and machined components for aerospace and medical applications, and also designs, develops, and markets orthopedic implants.

“Infor SyteLine is helping us not only to reduce costs through less copying, printing, and scanning, but also to reduce the time it takes to find the documents we need.”
—Adam Vogini, Information Systems Administrator, Trigon Holding

Gorman-Rupp Gains Fast ROI with Infor SyteLine

Gorman_Rupp_customer_success_profile_Infor_SyteLine_Industrial_Manufacturing_ERP_software The Gorman-Rupp Company designs, manufactures, and sells pumps and controls for various uses around the world, including water, wastewater, petroleum, mining, agriculture, fire protection, flood control, and military applications. Founded in 1933 and based in Mansfield, Ohio, the company
manufactures over 4,000 different models of pumps.

Some of the Benefits Realized:
• Gained real-time visibility into planning, scheduling, and production across the enterprise, improving decision-making.
• Automated and streamlined processes that reduced production time and increased productivity.
• Significantly reduced inventory levels while completing customer orders on time.
• Easily integrated Infor SyteLine with other Gorman- Rupp applications.
• Experienced improved customer satisfaction.


Governair Gains Big Savings and Grows with Infor SyteLine

Governair_customer_success_profile_Infor_SyteLine_Discrete_Manufacturing_ERP_software_Equipment_Industrial Governair® designs and manufactures heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial and industrial use worldwide. Based in Oklahoma City, OK, Governair has been the standard bearer in the HVAC market since 1937—from the first patented evaporative-cooled, self-contained air-conditioning units, to world-class, integrated systems today.

“With Infor SyteLine, we’ve already seen a great return, saving $50,000 annually. We’ve also reduced financial statement preparation by 7 hours each month, and cut physical inventory from weeks to 2 days, expecting to do a true cycle count soon and save over $300,000 a year.” —Jeff Forman, VP And General Manager, Governair

Cherasia Limited

Cherasia Limited Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP The commissioning of a new factory in Zhuhai City, China, and a corporate plan to shift more manufacturing to China were behind Cherasia Limited's decision to implement InforSyteLine ERP, a manufacturing ERP system. This flexible manufacturing ERP system supports the manufacturing and business operations of the industry leader, providing unprecedented information processing speed and accuracy. The Infor software deployment is a pilot project for the implementation of Syteline ERP manufacturing software worldwide.

Better Baked Foods Increases Sales by 38% with Help from Infor Syteline

Better Baked Foods Increases Sales by 38% with Help from Infor Syteline ERP

Better Baked Foods produces high-quality, frozen products for its customers. The company has three manufacturing facilities, including two USDA Certified Manufacturing Facilities and one AIB Certified Manufacturing Facility. Better Baked Foods provides both brand and private label products to the retail, special channel, foodservice, and club markets. Their belief in continuous improvement ensures that they meet their customers’ desire for improved efficiencies without sacrificing the quality or taste of the product.

"With Infor SyteLine, we integrated all of our disparate systems into one application and made it easier for our employees and executives to get the data that they need."
—Brad Harrison, IT Manager, Better Baked Foods



KOS gets on fast track to bigger revenues with Infor SyteLine

KOS gets on fast track to bigger revenues with Infor SyteLine ERPKrnovské Repair and Engineering Ltd (Kronovské opravny a strojírny, or KOS) is a leading regional machinery business focusing on manufacturing, modernizing, and repairing rail vehicles, as well as manufacturing machinery components. Based in Krnov, Czech Republic, the company also supports projects for tram models.

"“From data transparency with Infor Syteline, we’ve improved planning and can now purchase material to get optimal savings from lower inventory and faster turnover. We can also guarantee customer delivery times. Our revenues have increased 20% year over year, and we’ve increased added-value margins and supplier reliability by about 20% each."” -Filip Louèka, Manufacturing Manager, Krnovské Repair and Engineering

Advanced Input Systems (AIS) streamlines processes with Infor SyteLine

Advanced Input Systems (AIS) streamlines processes with Infor SyteLine Advanced Input Systems (AIS) is a leading designer and manufacturer of application specific input devices for original equipment manufacturers in several industries, including medical, electronics, and defense. Operating within the Interface Technologies Group of Esterline Corporation, a leading specialty manufacturer serving aerospace/defense markets, AIS provides endtoend solutions with a complex product range and low cost of ownership to more than 300 companies worldwide. AIS supports a diverse range of projects including financial market trading terminals, medical imaging systems, land-based military vehicles, and secure encrypted communications. The company is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in the Pacific Northwest of the US. 350 employees work in a world-class, ISO 9001:2000-certified, 85,000-square foot manufacturing center.

"Infor SyteLine gave us the top-of-theline capabilities we needed at a low total cost of ownership."
—Al Yost, President, Advanced Input Systems

CAV Aerospace Improves Financial Consolidation with Infor SyteLine

CAV Aerospace Improves Financial Consolidation with Infor SyteLine ERP CAV Aerospace Limited engages in the manufacture, integration, assembly, and supply of ice protection systems and aerostructures for general aviation, regional, business jets, and UAV applications worldwide. It offers wing stringers and spars, inter-spar ribs, general prismatic machined parts, hard metal machined parts, avionics racks, access doors, stretch-formed tail skins, primary structures design, component detail design, stress and mass analysis, and project management.

“I can run a P&L for every site at the touch of a button now. As a result, the two-week, month-end financial consolidation process has been shortened to three days.” —Don Marshall, Group Financial Analyst, CAV Aerospace

Overly Door improves accuracy and cuts lead time with Infor SyteLine

Overly Door improves accuracy and cuts lead time with Infor SyteLine ERP A manufacturer of specialty doors and windows for government, commercial, and industrial buildings, Overly Door produces acoustical, blast-resistant, bullet-resistant, and radiation-shielding doors, as well as General Services Administration vault doors. The company manufactures to order most of its products based on architect specifications, but it designs and manufactures some products on a project basis. Overly Door operates three manufacturing plants and sells through a nationwide network of dealers.  They have reduced sales training time from 12+ weeks to days.

Colonial Mills, Inc. (CMI)

Colonial Mills Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Colonial Mills, Inc. (CMI) is the leading manufacturer of braided-texture rugs and accessories in the United States. Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the company distributes throughout the country to major retail customers and also drop-ships orders directly to consumers from Internet sites. As CMI began facing more foreign competition and increasing pressure to lower prices, the company believed it needed to upgrade its manufacturing ERP system to maintain its market position as industry leader in on-time shipment and low turnaround time on orders to shipment.

DRB-HICOM Automotive

DRB-HICOM Automotive Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP DRB-HICOM Berhad is one of Malaysia's leading companies, operating in three business segments: automotive, property and construction, and services. DRB-HICOM Automotive engages in the design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, sale, and distribution of motor and military vehicles, including the sale of spare parts and services, through a number of subsidiary companies. Four of DRB-HICOM Automotive's main profit-making companies-HICOM Honda Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, HICOM Diecastings Sdn Bhd, HICOM Engineering Sdn Bhd, and HICOM Yamaha Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd-were selected for a project in which the Infor SyteLine ERP manufacturing system was implemented to improve customer service; inventory management; the accuracy, visibility, and communication of information; and the division's competitive position.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP With operations in more than 40 countries, Herman Miller is a leading global manufacturer of office and domestic working environment furniture. The company maintains manufacturing and distribution centers in North America, the UK, and Asia, and sales offices, dealers, and licensees in North America, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Herman Miller implemented SyteLine ERP manufacturing software internationally to drive integrated production and supply. The SyteLine manufacturing ERP system is integrated with e-procurement in the US to keep inventory low and reduce the time taken to purchase components needed for manufacture. Herman Miller also uses the multi-lingual capabilities of SyteLine and participates in an upgrade program to the latest SOA-based version of Infor.

Infor ERP Customer Success Kit

Also see the Infor ERP Customer Success Kit featuring manufacturing customers that use Infor SyteLine ERP, Learn how:

  • DRB-HICOM improved on-time supplier delivery performance from 40 percent to more than 60 percent.
  • Superior Fastening now has greater control over its operations through enhanced visibility.
  • Cherasia Limited runs a one-year MRP forecast in about 3 minutes.
  • CPAC increased net income over 200 percent per year with Infor ERP SyteLine.

Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Machinery

Komatsu Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Komatsu specializes in companies that manufacture construction machinery, industrial machinery, transportation and logistics machinery and metals, and also operates in high tech fields such as electronic engineering and software. Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd manufactures and sells construction machinery and spare parts, such as Komatsu WA series loaders, PC series hydraulic diggers, and off-highway dump trucks. The company's operational philosophy is "clients and quality before everything else." Komatsu chose SyteLine ERP manufacturing software for all its overseas branches as a solution to the problem of complex Bills of Materials (BOM) and highly-personalized product requirements.

New Scale Technologies, Inc.

New Scale Technologies Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP New Scale Technologies, Inc. is a global manufacturer of disruptively small ultrasonic motors. Headquartered near Rochester, New York, the company was founded in 2002 to capture emerging opportunities for smaller consumer products, automated biomedical instruments, and nanotechnology research. New Scale invents, manufactures, and sells miniature ceramic motors and positioning systems using patented piezoelectric designs. New Scale Technologies implemented the SyteLine ERP manufacturing software system to capture, analyze, and efficiently distribute the information necessary to better understand its cost structure, manufacturing variances, and manufacturing resources. New Scale Technologies is currently using a broad range of the SyteLine ERP manufacturing software's capabilities, including material requirements planning, manufacturing planning, projects, and quality management.

Ramsey Products Corporation Shines with SyteLine ERP

Ramsey Products Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Ramsey Products manufactures and supports the world's widest range of standard and custom designed silent chains and sprockets for industrial applications, including conveyor systems and power generation. Ramsey uses SyteLine to complete many of its primary business functions efficiently, allowing for more streamlined operations. The company benefits from seamless order management with order tracking features and also controls manufacturing processes via job tracking. And, Ramsey runs its entire payroll through SyteLine. With useful reports, Ramsey knows where they stand, and they can also make educated decisions based on the latest trends in their operations.


 Rapid-Line Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP Rapid-Line is a full service metal fabrication and tool and die job shop that is ISO-9001:2000 certified with a flexible, technology driven resource base, a skilled workforce, modern information systems and an active continuous improvement effort. According to Rapid-Line's customer service manager, one of the biggest advantages of the SyteLine manufacturing ERP system has been its ability to integrate information from quotes through shipping. In their old system, employees often created stand-alone word processing or spreadsheet documents and frequently needed to double-enter information into different systems. Now, all employees have access to the same information. SyteLine ERP manufacturing software has also meant a more efficient working environment.

Superior Fastening Technology Limited

 Superior Fastening Technology Limited Godlan Customer Success Profile Infor SyteLine ERP The evolution from local screw manufacturer into international fastening provider involves more than building state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Superior Fastening Technology Limited, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fasteners and metallic accessories for the electrical and electronics industries, sees the recently implemented Infor SyteLine ERP, a manufacturing ERP system, as a foundation for the company's further expansion into international markets. With four sites live on SyteLine ERP manufacturing software, Superior is enjoying the early benefits of running the integrated solution: better customer service, increased accuracy, time savings, greater control, user satisfaction, and a competitive advantage.