Our Team

For over 30 years, Godlan has successfully implemented effective ERP solutions in the manufacturing marketplace. Our success, however, is not measured in units sold, but in customer satisfaction-we make sure our ERP clients achieve their business objectives. Simply installing software, even an enterprise system, and training users on its use provide little guarantee that a company will be more competitive in the marketplace, let alone realize a sufficient return on its investment.

Godlan 30th Anniversary - Manufacturing Performance Specialists

Godlan's highly-skilled and experienced team of business and technology professionals understands that each customer is making a significant investment with their employees' involvement and critical company resources. We take these investments seriously and, consequently, want to express our commitment to you and explain the principles of our Implementation Philosophy:

  • Customer centric
  • Objectives based
  • Metrics driven
  • Success focused

Customer Centric

Our team is committed to providing each customer with excellent ERP services and superior products. We strive to become our customers' most valuable technology partner, to understand our customers' ERP expectations, and then exceed them. We view business relationships from a long-term perspective-fostering quality relationships, not generating transactions.

Objectives Based

Godlan will work collaboratively with you to create a Project Charter document that accurately describes your current business problems, desired benefits, roles and responsibilities of the project team, and targeted milestones for the ERP implementation. Achieving your goals is our priority.

Metrics Driven

Customers can rest assured that our team will work with them closely to determine an acceptable ERP implementation budget and detailed project plan that defines specific timelines. The budget and project plan will be updated, monitored, and reviewed with you on a regular basis.

Success Focused

Our proven tools, processes, and personnel, in addition to your personnel and adherence to the project plan, will lay the foundation for your ERP project s success. With a project plan that is clearly defined, monitored, and managed, you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and within budget-no surprises.

It is our sincere belief that if we hold to these principles, Godlan will continue to prosper. Our passion for excellence extends graciously to our customers as well as to our employees. We want to establish a culture that attracts, challenges, gratifies, rewards, and retains employees-and an organization that does the same for its customers.


Feel free to watch a short video about Godlan that includes brief bio information on the leadership team: