Godlan Vertical Specializations:
Aerospace and Defense Electronics & Specialty Vehicles

In addition to other vertical industries that Godlan has deep domain expertise in, Infor has Certified Godlan in two "Microverticals" - Aerospace and Defense Electronics & Specialty Vehicles. 


Aerospace and Defense Electronics

Infor Microvertical Certification - Defense Electronics - Godlan - Manufacturing ERP

With Godlan as your Implementation and Consulting partner, you can minimize risk by drawing on our deep experience and expertise in the industry. You’ll be up and running sooner and see faster time to value when you choose to work with a company who has already carved a path to success in your line of business.

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial for Aerospace & Defense, you get an enterprise solution that helps you address today’s market challenges, such as reductions in defense spending, increased global competition, and strict compliance mandates. You can control the complexity of programs, increase productivity and operational excellence, and respond with agility to changing demands-all without adding additional resources.

Exclusive Brochure - Infor Aerospace and Defense: Achieve Profitability, Reduce Costs, & Ensure Compliance

Watch our 9 minute Demo Video walk-through specific to Aerospace and Defense Electronics here:



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Specialty Vehicles

Infor Microvertical Certification - Specialty Vehicles - Godlan - Manufacturing ERP





With more than 30 years of expertise solving the business challenges of automotive specialty vehicle builders, Godlan can help you configure and assemble vehicles more quickly and efficiently, better control costs, consistently deliver on time, provide superior service, and retain more customers.Godlan is a proud member of NMMA - National Marine Manufacturers Association

Infor CloudSuite Industrial for Automotive Specialty Vehicle Builders allows you to:
• Easily manage complex vehicle configurations.
• Reduce time to delivery.
• Increase customer satisfaction.
• Increase customer retention.
• Increase aftermarket sales and service.
• Control costs.
• Better manage supply chain risks.
• Streamline assembly operations.

Bring vehicles and configurations to market faster, and respond to customers more quickly and accurately with Godlan as your Implementation and Consulting partner.

Watch our 3 1/2 minute Demo Video walk-through specific to Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers here:



For a more in-depth demo walk-through recording, visit this page:

Godlan Vertical Specializations - Specialty Vehicles