Godlan Mission Statement


“Equipping and empowering outstanding people to produce outstanding results.”


Godlan's Vision

It is the desire of Godlan to establish a growing, vibrant and prosperous business operation, built on Godly principles, that is highly regarded by our customers and employees alike.  To create employment opportunities where people can come and employ their God given talents and abilities in an environment where they are valued and appreciated.  And last but not least, a place where customers come to rely on excellent product and services from a company that genuinely cares about them.

Ours is a vision built on a 3-fold mission:

1)    Establishing Loyal Customers
2)    Establishing Loyal Employees
3)    Employing Godly Principles

Loyal customers are faithful customers; customers that you can rely on; customers that genuinely value their relationship with you.  These are customers that will stand with you during the tough times.  These are companies that are a joy to work with.

When it comes to our customers, we want to provide excellent products.  As for service, we intend to “go the extra mile”.  Our objective is to become our customer’s most valuable technology partner, to understand our customers' expectations and then exceed them.  We view these business relationships from a long-term perspective.  We are interested in fostering quality relationships, not simply generating transactions.

Loyal employees are faithful employees; employees with character of honesty and integrity; employees that you can rely on; employees that will go the extra mile to get things done; employees that care about each other, care about our customers and care about Godlan.

We want to see every employee successful.  Success means different things to different people.  To that end, we want to understand our employee’s hopes and aspirations and help them to meet and exceed them.  Priorities and perspective are important.  We will promote and encourage God and family matters ahead of business.  Godlan wants to establish a culture that attracts, challenges, gratifies, rewards and retains employees.

Principles to business are like a foundation to a home.  They need to be sure and uncompromising if the structure is to be safe and secure.  To that end, the bible has much to say about how we should conduct ourselves.  It speaks to what works and what doesn’t.  When in doubt, we will seek to understand God’s ways and do that.  We believe in and promote prayer.  Our motive will always be to do what is right, without regard to the cost or consequence.

This is our vision.  This is our passion.  This is the reason Godlan exits.

Godlan Core Values

G od honoring
O utstanding products and services
D elivering results
L  oyalty & Leadership
A  lways customer focused
N ever complacent