Webcasts & Webinars

Registration is required to participate in web seminars, webinars, webex and video broadcasts. Web seminars are convenient, giving you the flexibility to participate from your own desktop computer with an Internet browser. Each web seminar lasts approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and closes with Q&A.

Live Webinars

"Personalizing SyteLine ERP for Efficiency and Effectiveness"
3-10-15 @ 10am Eastern

Getting the most out of the Mongoose toolset and SyteLine ERP – personalizing, extending and adding capabilities to SyteLine to better run the business and make work more efficient and easy.  In the session you will see how to:

•         Perform advanced forms personalization – adding new fields and data
•         Creating smart links in forms to call external web applications with replaceable parameters
•         Running SyteLine from the web with smart URL links
•         Adding new tables, IDO and forms using the Wizards
•         Connecting external SQL and Oracle database tables and data into SyteLinethe Mongoose toolset and SyteLine ERP
•         Using Excel to pull and push data using the IDO API extensions
•         And much more!

Make SyteLine really purr with the advanced Mongoose capabilities.  

We will be showing Mongoose within SyteLine 9.00.10.

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"How To Use Leasing To Increase Profits & ROI"
2-10-15 @ 10am Eastern

In this webinar we cover:

+ Capital Expenses - What to consider?
+ Presenting a Plan to the CFO / CEO
+ Understanding the Business Goals
+ Supporting Statistics
+ Hardware Technology Rotation
+ Software Technology Rotation
+ Building an Ongoing Finance Model
+ Lease Versus Buy

"...In many situations, technology leasing offers greater operational, strategic, and financial benefits than outright ownership." - William Roch, IDC, April 2005

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 "CloudSuite Forecasting" for Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP
1-13-15 @ 10am Eastern

For discrete manufacturers like you, maintaining an efficient operation and healthy bottom line requires that you have an automated and organized approach to forecasting. You need to make sure that you can determine that the right amounts of raw materials and components are at the right place and at the right time, in order to best meet customer demand. Join us on January 13th for an overview demo and the chance to ask questions!

CloudSuite Forecasting (SyteLine) helps you:

• Forecast efficiently                                                             • Improve your operation
• Automate forecasting                                                       • Collect data
• Calculate forecasts                                                            • Analyze data
• Adapt the forecast                                                             • Calculate optimum inventory levels
• Perform top-down forecasting                                        • Optimize forecasting
• Reduce costs by reducing inventory levels                   • Minimize material shortages and stock outs
• Decrease the time to prepare forecasts                       • Increase forecast accuracy

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Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for SyteLine ERP
11-18-14 @ 10am Eastern

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system built in the Microsoft stack.  It can be used to prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports. Reports are defined in Report Definition Language (RDL), an XML Definition language.

In this overview, you'll see:
•An overview of SSRS for SyteLine ERP (plumbing)
•Critical Parts to Make SSRS work with SyteLine ERP
•Infor SyteLine templates
    •Stored Procedures Versus IDOs
•Building SSRS report from scratch

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SyteLine FS+ (Field Service Plus) - Position yourself for maximum profit
10-4-14 @ 10am Eastern

SyteLine FS+ (Field Service Plus) helps manufacturers manage and track their product after it ships . . .  to manage warranties, extended service contracts, and service level agreements. If you manufacture, install or service complex products, you understand the value of a flexible, easy to use solution like Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus.

Improve your company's efficiency, productivity and profitability with Infor SyteLine Field Service-Plus.

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 Workbench Suite- Get all the information you need when you need it

9-16-14 @ 10am Eastern

Whether you’re a C-level officer monitoring strategic company-wide KPIs or a billing manager who needs to streamline invoicing for better cash flow, Workbench gives you quick, timesaving access to data and connects you to supporting layers of related data. You’ll increase productivity, provide valuable role-related feedback, and support each employee’s problem-solving efforts.

Arm your employees with the exact information they need to successfully accomplish their work with Infor SyteLine Workbench Suite. You’ll get a single, consolidated screen that pulls together the data that matters most and organizes it for quick, effective action.

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 Integral Enterprise Viewer (IEV) - Take Control of Your Data

7-15-14 @ 10am Eastern

Infor SyteLine ERP Integral Enterprise Viewer (IEV) is an Enterprise Data Access tool allowing your company to access, and use, all of its data—no matter where or what format it resides in. You can combine different data stores together under one roof— empowering all of your users to visualize critical decision-making data.

SyteLine IEV builds on this basic premise by offering reporting services – many common reporting output types are supported (such as PDF, Excel, Crystal Reports, XML, HTML, etc.) in addition to its own internal multi-level graphical reporting output.
SyteLine IEV is also a fast and easy way for any user in your company to query data—across sites, database technologies, and other common boundaries. You can optionally cache this information to off-load slow network connections or legacy data stores.

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Inforce - Connect Salesforce.com with ERP for a 360° View
6-10-14 @ 10am Eastern

Inforce is an Infor ION technology-enabled solution that gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. By connecting your front-and back-office systems with ION technology, the same middleware framework that seamlessly integrates other strategic solutions with Infor ERP, Inforce lets you share customer-centric information and processes between CRM and ERP.

Support for Multi-ERP and Multi-Company Data - Inforce delivers new functionality that enables a single Inforce implementation to be integrated with multiple, and even different, back-office installations. Ability to Support any Business Object Document (BOD) - Inforce already delivers standard integration of more than a dozen BODs, and the new Inforce Any BOD functionality provides the ability for customers to expand their ION-based integration to map and use any of the 100+ Infor-supported BODs.

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ION - Connect All Core Applications
5-13-14 @ 10am Eastern

Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) technology allows systems, both Infor and non-Infor, to be easily integrated through a platform that provides heavyweight functionality on a lightweight and adaptable framework. This platform loosely couples systems together so they speak the same language but are not dependent upon each other.

Much like the Internet, one application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking down the entire network. Built using non-proprietary standards, Infor ION provides an open architecture that is flexible, scalable, and adaptable.

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Ming.le - Business Process Improvement Platform
3-11-14 @ 10am Eastern

Infor Ming.le, is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Giving you the most innovative social media concepts translated into a business environment, the solution marries communications with business processes to help you work smarter and faster.  

Unlike information sharing technologies that are disconnected from your core applications, Infor Ming.le, is fully embedded with organizational systems like ERP and financials. All employees, regardless of their roles, can communicate, collaborate, and share information such as documents, plans, photos, and videos from a centralized location, with all activity captured and easily searchable.

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EAM: Turn asset management into a competitive advantage

2-11-14 @ 10am Eastern

Underperforming assets can have many far-reaching—and negative—impacts on the overall health of a company. Asset downtime can disrupt production and lead to lower customer satisfaction. Inadequate preventive maintenance can increase the cost of keeping assets and equipment running at peak efficiency and force companies to make investments in new equipment that could have been avoided. Inadequate asset management can expose companies to violations of safety regulations and compliance requirements.

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SyteLine 9 - New Features Revealed
1-14-14 @ 10am Eastern

Infor SyteLine 9 - the culmination of over 27 years of innovation.
Find out what's new in SyteLine 9 ERP including new functionality & integrations, social & mobile enhancements, user interface upgrades, Mongoose 9.00, BI, FISMA Compliance and much more!

Hear how SyteLine 9 accelerates the capabilities of SyteLine ERP, while extensive core development continues to deliver the power of Mongoose technology. This session will provide an overview of latest developments.
Our experts at Infor take pride in the 27+ years’ experience they’ve devoted to the ERP Business. Join us to find out how this new release can solve problems and move your business forward!

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QCS - Building a culture of continuous improvement
11-11-13 @ 10am Eastern

Infor SyteLine ERP Quality Control Solution creates the framework for building a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization.
Your customers require products made to their precise specifications. You require the same of your suppliers. You are equally committed to the same exacting level of quality within your company and across your entire organization. You face endless challenges in complying with government regulations, providing quality records to auditors and customers, and continually making improvements to your organization.
Infor SyteLine ERP Quality Control Solution supports quality activities relating to receiving, manufacturing, shipping and returns.

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InSync Barcode - The complete shipping solution
10-15-13 @ 10am Eastern

Take your business to the next level with the newest release of InSync Barcode 4.0.  Enjoy the totally redesigned iPhone-style user interface with our new True Touch Finger Navigation.  Lose the stylus and never look back as you effortlessly flow through a simpler, cleaner user interface.

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Product Configurator - Streamline Selling and Production
9-10-13 @ 10am Eastern

Infor’s Product configuration management (PCM) software allows manufacturers to streamline the selling and production of their configured products. With Infor Product Configurator, you can drive revenue, reduce costs, and differentiate your brands in the marketplace. You’ll be able to create compelling quotes, accurate orders, and complete bills of materials and routings.

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Shop-Trak - Achieve world-class manufacturing
8-20-13 @ 10am Eastern

Shop-Trak for Infor SyteLine provides two-way communications between your shop floor and the rest of your organization.  All departments, including sales, finance, design, management, and operations share common goals to achieve peak performance. The outcome is that Shop-Trak and SyteLine provide you with up-to-date schedules, capacities and loads, accurate inventories, and more automated costing. 

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Shipping Workbench - The complete shipping solution
7-16-13 @ 10am Eastern

InSync Shipping for SyteLine ERP is the complete solution for the shipment and management of orders.  Created out of a need for a straight forward, easy to use shipping solution for SyteLine ERP, InSync Shipping is simplistic, yet highly robust in its design, features, and user interface. 

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EPAK - Reduce costs & errors, and recognize ROI now
6-12-13 @ 10am Eastern

Infor EPAK gives your organization a single platform, with consistent formatting and messaging, for all your process and software evaluation documents, as well as the tools you need to increase employee productivity.  

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Doc-Trak - Make timely business decisions
5-14-13 @ 10am Eastern

Doc-Trak for Infor SyteLine ERP enables you to view and link critical documents directly from SyteLine. This diminishes countless daily tasks of searching through filing cabinets to locate CAD drawings, assembly instructions, customer paperwork, vendor-supplied documents, brochures, invoices and other essential documents. With Doc-Trak and SyteLine you will take an enormous step towards creating paperless operations from the office to the shop floor. 

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